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Gemstones of China: Southern provinces you must visit!   

South of China is very different from northern parts: different in landscapes, people’s tradition, food, language and dialects and even people themselves. In some regions ethnic minorities are “majorities” like in Xishuangbanna region, sea is suitable for swimming around the whole year like in Hainan province and waterfalls are among the most stunning in the world like in Guizhou. It’s just some facts about China’s south. There is a lot to discover for travelers!

1. Yunnan 云南



The leader of our list! Being a province with the biggest ethnic diversity, Yunnan is one of the most stunning places in China. Half of 55 ethnic minorities live here, there is no other region like this!

Must-visit places: Xishuangbanna Dai Autonomous Region 西双版纳, Lijiang 丽江, Dali大理, Shangri-La 香格里拉, Ruili 瑞丽, etc.

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2.Guizhou 贵州

Huangguoshu Waterfall, rice terraces or Fanjingshan Mountain - all places in mountainous Guizhou province are surreal and a real dream for any photographer!

Must-visit places: Huangguoshu Waterfall黄果树, Fanjingshan Mountain梵净山, Xijiang Qianhu Miao Village, 西江千户苗寨, Wanfengling Terrace万峰林 

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3.Hainan 海南

Thanks to it’s tropical climate, Hainan Island is the best resort of China where everyone can enjoy the sun and the sea the whole year! Since the island is located in the tropical climate zone on the same latitude as the Hawaiian Islands it is often called “East Hawaii ”. Except for magnificent beaches, there is a plenty of cultural and natural spots to explore!

Must-visit places: Sanya 三亚, Haikou海口

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4.Guangxi 广西


When coming to Guangxi province, bordering Vietnam, it seems you come to fairytale - landskapes here are more than breathtaking! Describing one of the most famous places of the province - Guilin - Chinese people often say “Mountains and waters of Guilin are the first in its beauty in the whole China” and it is absolutely true.

Must-visit places: Guilin桂林, Beihai 北海, Longji Rice Terrace龙脊梯田, Longsheng 龙胜

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5.Guangdong 广东


This province differ from others mentioned since it’s mostly about large ultra-developed cities. Most people in Guangdong province speak their own language which is not a dialect, but a separate language indeed - yueyu粤语. Different food, different language, friendly people, big Asian capital, which are all totally worth to explore!

Must-visit places: Shenzhen 深圳, Foshan 佛山, Guangzhou 广州

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