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Cat Cafes in Beijing   


Pets in cafes are what makes some Asian cafes different from European and that is why lots of tourist visit such places during their stay in China. Here you have a chance to taste nice coffee in a company of cats, dogs, raccoons or even lamas (thanks to one new cafe in China's Dalian city).

Such cafes are beloved by almost all people. It is a nice place for children who will totally enjoy playing with cats or puppies. For people busy with work it is an ideal way to release stress while watching these cute buddies. Couples find animals cafes a good place to spend romantic weekend as well.

Check out our list of cat cafe in Beijing! It is totally for cats lovers! If you are still not one of them, after visiting one of the places below you will definitely become pet lover!

1.Cappucimeow Cafe

Cats are always happy to see visitors here! Here you just must try cute “cat” coffee and desserts.

Tel: 13521489019

Opening Hours: 10:00—21:00

Address: 706, Building C of Weibo Shidai Center, Weigong Street, Haidian District海淀区魏公街韦伯时代中心C座706

2.Cats 44

This amazing cafe in Beiluoguxiang is next to famous Nanluoguxiang Street. You won’t be able not to notice a big cat picture next to the door! Cats will surround you, in this cafe they are very friendly and curious.

Tel: 010-64040308

Opening Hours: 12:00—21:00

Address: 44 Beiluoguxiang, Dongcheng District东城区北锣鼓巷44号

3.Maoni 157 Coffee猫腻157号咖啡

Stay in a company of these cutest cats while enjoying cat-shaped cranberry biscuits and coffee.

Tel: 010-63010232

Opening Hours: 10:00—21:00

Address: 157 South Xinhua Street, Xicheng District西城区南新华街157号

4.Cafe More咖啡猫小窝

A quiet cat cafe in the university district, with large choice of pizza and snacks. British cats are the stars of this pretty place!

Tel: 010-62440997

Opening Hours: 10:30—21:30

Address: Building 10, Xueyuanpai 15, Xuyuan South Street, Haidian District海淀区学院南路学院派15号院10号楼

5.Cat Yard Coffee猫小院猫主题餐厅

Prettiest cats of different kinds, appearance and character will be your company if you come to this cafe. And of course, enjoy various food in the shape of these cuties.

There are two cafes of this chain:

First Cafe’s Address: 14 Beixiawazi Hutong (400 m from the south entrance of Nanluoguxiang) 北下洼子胡同14号(北锣鼓巷南口400米)

Tel: 010-59146478

Opening Hours: 10: 00—22:00

Second Cafe’s Address: 1 Dajinsi Hutong大金丝胡同1号

Tel: 010-83220040

Opening Hours: 10:00—23:00

6.Maomi Yizhan Cafe猫咪驿站Cafe

This cafe is made in HelloKitty-style design. You can feed lovely cats, then have a cup of nice coffee.

Tel: 010-64087894

Opening Hours: 11:00—22:00

Address: 1 Fangzhuanchang Hutong, Dongcheng District东城区方砖场胡同1号

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