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Around Beijing 10 Comparable Jiuzhaigou of Traveling by Car Attractions




In Beijing Life Big Benefit Have Is You to Not over of Place! Jiuzhaigou Beauty Hauntingly, Captured How Much Men Heart. But in Fact, in My Large Beijing Surrounding, as 10 Comparable Jiuzhaigou Beauty of Wetland, here Are with High Mountains Gurgling Streams, Beautiful Ecological, zhen gui niao Avian, Flowers Gorgeous, but Fewer People Jingmei near Home, Most Appropriate Spring Tour, Don't Walk Again Almost Regret! So to See around Beijing Ten Comparable Jiuzhaigou of Self-Driving Travel Attractions, weekend Can Go to These Places Sightseeing a. 1, Liulimiao Wetland

with Baihe, Liulihe Prolific Wetland Water Resources, Animal Resources And Fine Natural Landscapes, 4348 Acres Liulimiao Wetland Park Call around the Green Space, Woodland, Rural, And Other Types of Ecosystem, common Form New Landscape Whole. In White River And World Endangered, National Level Protection Wild Bird "Black Stork ", and Has Egret, Mandarin Duck of Larger Population Distribution of Animal And Vegetation Growth, Reproduction of Paradise. Address: Huairou District Northern Remote Mountains, away from Downtown Area 45 Kilometers 2, Sanlihe Wetland Ecological Park Winding, Meandering Quiet Long, herbs Lush, Flowers, Air And Pleasant, It to Natural And Simple for Fundamental, for People to Create a Close to Nature, Return to Natural And Pleasant Environment. Garden Has Hippocrene A, Located in Sanlihe West Side, the Spring Four Seasons Flow, Spring in Plants a Green, clear Spring Water, Sweet Can Drink, This Is Three Dan River Wetland Park of an Ultra-Glamorous Landscape. Address: yanqing County Northwest Via Sanlihe, on Water Mill, under Water Mill, Beiguan, Wangzhuang, Xiguan And Village by Car: along Beijing-Tibet Expressway to Yanqing County Namely. 3, bai he wan Wetland

bai he wan Wetland Long 19 Kilometers, create a Number for Watch Play of Wetland Landscape, and in White River North And Qingshiling Pay Merged into Large Water, Aquatic Plant Grow, underwater Fish Resources Rich, Scenery Is Very Beautiful, Forming a Beijing Rare Two Rivers Interchange of Wetland Landscape. Address: Beijing Huairou District bai he wan Wetland Park by Car: by "Jingmi Road" Or "Jingcheng Road" to Huairou Open Roundabout, continue to Fengning Direction, along "huai feng Highway" (111 National Highway) about 45 Kilometers Arrive. 4, Fangshan Shidu Is Daqing River Tributaries Juma River Cutting Taihang Mountains North End of a Valley, full Some 20 Kilometres. Due to the History of the Valley a Total of Ten through Juma River Ferry, hence the Name "Shidu", Is North China Only a Large-scale Karst Forests in the Most. Address: Beijing Fangshan Southwest by Car Beijing (Liuliqiao) -Beijing High-Speed-Glass River-Yue Li-Yue Coal-Yunju Temple Road-Weeks Zhang Lu-Zhang Pedigree -Shidu 5, Miyun Reservoir to Shanling Shueisiou, thousands of Images And Attract Visitors, Become Jingdong Famous Scenic Spot in One. When You Came to Reservoir, Head-on Is the Towering Dam. Boarding Crest, Suddenly Enlightened, Lakeshore Ho, Tianshui Vast Lake of Fishing Little, eye Can See End, Library next to the Buildings, Looming over the Mountains, like Asgard qiong ge. Address: Beijing Miyun County North by Car along Beijing-Chengde Road 60.2 And Turn Right, walk 70 M And Turn Left to Dense Xing Line, along Dense Xing Line Turn Right And Walk 200 to the G101, along G101 Go 4.5 And Go Straight, go 3.7 And Turn Left to Reservoir South Line, along Reservoir South Line Go 12.1 And U-Turn, go 3.5 Reach Your Destination. 6, Huangyan State Wetland

Spring Silent Cherish Trickle, shade According to the Water Clear Soft." (Yang Wanli the Koike) Huangyan Ditch Wetland Spring Water Gurgling, Gurgling Streams, Dense Vegetation, qifengyidan, Pleasant Scenery. Mizoguchi of Wetland Park Is 0.21 Square Kilometers, yongding River Water And Aquatic Plant with Yellow Mountain Constitute Charm Landscape Painting. Address: Beijing Mentougou District yan chi zhen 7, bai he xia gu Is from Yanqing County Northeast Jiuxian in bai he bao shui ku, after Huairou, Flow Miyun Reservoir River Grand Canyon. Hundred-Meter High Cliff, like a Sword Will Rolling Waves of the Baihe Split Towering Ming Dynasty Great Wall in Mountain Winding Stretch, cross-Strait Cliff Lined, Spring Merged into Mighty Torrent, Nature of the Singular Views Are Quite Amazed. Address: Beijing Miyun County Shicheng Town Sihetang Cool Valley Scenic Area by Car Beijing Sanyuanqiao, go Jingmi Road (Highway 101) to Miyun, then Go Miyun Reservoir Northwest Line Leading to Shicheng Town Direction of Road, into bai he xia gu after, along Can See Another One of Attractions Signpost Or Entrance, choose One Or Two Waterfall Scenic Ornamental. 8, Hanshiqiao Wetland Health Bridge Wetland Park's Largest Characteristic Is "Wild ". Here, You Can See Groups of Wild Duck in Water to Hunt, White Gull Skimmed the Water, from Time to Time And Paired Heron in Water Frolic. Every Middle March to Middle November Is Hanshiqiao Wetland Park Best Play Time, All Things Recovery, Flowers Come in! Address: Beijing Shunyi District Yangzhen, Shunping Road Yangzhen Paragraph South Side by Car: sanyuanqiao-Airport High-Speed-Airport South Line-Kyohei High-Speed-Wood Yan Road Exit-bei wu Direction Straight 8 kilometers; or Sanyuanqiao-Jingmi Road-Dry Willow Island East-Shunping Road-Wood Yan Intersection South 3 Kilometers. 9, Yanqing Yeyahu

Duck Prophet, spring Is to Yanqing Yeyahu Good Opportunity. Like Camping Friends, Wild Duck Lake Also Has Belongs Your Wide Venue. Find a Shady Spot, Or a Platform, Hold a Top Or a Few Tents, in Which to Play Cards, Dining, Or Take a Break. Or Sit in the Tent See Sunrise, Hope Sunset, Or Holding a Book, in the Flowers Accompanied Quietly Taste. Imperceptible in, Actually You Also Became a Scenery. Address: Beijing Yanqing County kang zhuang zhen Northwest by Car Beijing-Tibet (Original Badaling High-Speed) in Hong Chong Exit, follow the Signs Approximately 10 Minutes Wild Duck Lake 10, Daoxiang Lake Wetland Area of 11.8 Square Kilometers, to Natural Beauty of Waterfront Landscape, Green Ecological Cuihu Wetland, Fresh And Bright Pastoral Style Light And Comfortable overall Environment for Main Resources Characteristics. Along Lake And Leisurely Line, Spring March Branches Sprouting, Lake Deglaciation Rippling Blue Waves, Relaxed And Happy Making a Person. Address: Beijing Haidian District Sujiatuo Town by Car Beijing-Tibet G6 High-Speed Exit 16 (Beianhe Export ), roads Forward to Xinzhuang Bridge Turn Left West, along Beiqing Road 10 Kilometers to Daoxiang Lake Road Junction, turn Right North along Daoxiang Lake Road Driving 2.5 Kilometers East to Nirvana Resort Hotel.


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