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Here's the 3 Kingdom's Chengdu



about the schedule __________________________________________________________________________________

this is the first Mid-autumn festival we've been together~ and we started our trip in Sep.26th from the first word till today it had been 3 days of me, but I didn't know how to write this article little bit hazy, plz spare me :P

Day1 it is 3 o 4 in the afternoon when we arrive Chengdu, and we went Jinli for a meal. the hotel's good, but it is too far from the urban parts I think. there are 3 circles in Chengdu, like 6 circles in Beijing because my husband's quite interested in 3-Kingdoms age so we went to Wu Hou Ci for the first step ticket is not needed but the museum charges.

Jinli is not far away from Wu Hou Ci, but food there is not so delicious with what I imagined. but Zhong dumplings were good~~~~ we are waiting for hot pots in Sichuan, and indeed, when Chengdu comes to a good night, there's atmosphere in every corner, all about hot pots. Shu Jiu Xiang Resterant is said to be a famous one, and we've been waiting there for over 2 hours since there were too many of locals, tasted really good, for I am from Tianjin of China, that was really of my taste.

Hot Pot!

Day 2 Chengdu, Panda Base

when we are coming to Chengdu , Panda Base is a must go this one is PanPan

and it is on half way to the Panda Base, and this place is Wenchuan, where the Sichuan great earthquake happened in 2011.

about 5:00 pm we finally get to the Hotel

Day 3 in Huanglong in front of the hotel even it is a cold day

it is 5000 meters high in Huanglong

there's no preparations for me to counter the high altitude and I just took a pack of oxgyen with me... but it was also disgusting since 5000 meters was quite difficult to conquer. but , it was awesome.

Wu Cai pool

it was River Min's origin, a rest station for tourists and charging for 1 Yuan. it was just a small canyon and a Qiang woman sitting in front of the gate, 2 yuan for each

all in Tibet an style

Qiang village

Tibet an style food, QIngke Tea and Suyou Tea

it is the best time in JiuZhaigou to travel in Sep & Oct Jiu Zhai means "nine villages" and that was 9 Tibet an villages. so no matter you are coming to this place on a driving, or renting a car there's supplies for everyone. altitude there is about 3000 meters so there would be no high-altitude perhaps.

2 rivers joint in one

local performances

after getting back to hotel I just slept since it was so tired of me to stand anymore. in Jiuzhaigou, it was an Y route that divided into 3 parts. while, people could take an electric van to go, and they were all included in the ticket. and since the sloping happened in Mao county, and we just drove 300 more kms back to Chengdu.

Tibet an hot pots

Tibet an caravans

finally we got back to Chengdu , but it was really fatique I think :) the scheduled traveling list was disturbed but that was also a good travel


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