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People from big cities come to visit Tibet




A bold and comfortable journey has not been completed, and I have been looking forward to a peaceful and happy life. May everyone have a star-like light in their eyes.

Living in the Potala Palace, I am the biggest king in the snow. Wandering in Lhasa streets, I am the world's most beautiful lover. In fact, in many Dalai Lama, I only remember: Tsangyang Gyatso.I love the burning sun, and blue sky and cloud transformation. The Palace of Buddhism was there, and I couldn’t help but think of a saying that my friend who was riding a Tibetan had said. “I will never forget the moment of sitting quietly in front of the Potala Palace. The front is coming and going. The vehicle is followed by crowds of the Potala Palace Square. There is a song "A Mother's Daughter" on the square. Many people dance around, and my heart is quiet and quiet~"

At five o'clock in the morning, I queued up to make an appointment for the ticket, until I got the reservation ticket at 10 o'clock, and then lined up to get the ticket of the next day, and I had to wait another day before I could enter. It is also an experience. Everyone is looking forward to coming here with different expectations. 

Jokhang Temple the day Barkhor bustling crowds, but points. The night walk in the Barkhor alley, thirty-two still operating stores, the lights dim. The quiet night, accompanied by the soft prayer of the long head, is another feeling.

Who can believe that all those are golds provided by the government from Beijing. That's a tradition to use gold in the Tibetan temple. Tons of golds in the Potala Palace since long time ago, like Qing Dynasty.


DEBATING OF MONKS which is a great tradition of Buddhism since the ancient time, a good way to figure out who is right, and who has a better solution to the real problem of Buddhism, and also, a good way to change ideas.


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