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Guangzhou-Xinhui 1 day's trip




Guangzhou, as if overnight, entered the midsummer even it is winter. The weather is stuffy, people are sleepless. In a hurry, I remembered the friend of the new club, which was sent to me not long ago. I rushed to make a try.
I heard that Guangzhou is only 50 minutes from the city to the xinhui. It is very convenient. It is also said that there will be the first Chenpi city in the country. 
Curious body wants to know, is Chenpi made in Chenpi? 
Why don’t you take a weekend to visit this “magic bullet”? Going on a trip that says you are leaving?

About Xinhui
Xinhui is located in the jurisdiction of Jiangmen City, Guangdong Province. It is a historical and cultural city in South Guangdong. It has been inhabited by Baiyue(hundreds of Yue) people since the Neolithic Age. In history, it has always been the political, economic, cultural and transportation hub of the Four Miles region. It is known as the hometown of Kwai Township, the hometown of overseas Chinese, the hometown of Chenpi, and the land of fish and rice. Xinhui Kwai Art is famous, and Xinhui Chenpi is well-known throughout the country.
About Hotel

Accommodation is an indispensable part of travel. Traveling alone, usually chooses an affordable one. This time, with friends, you can choose Country Garden Phoenix Hotel with good reputation, magnificent, European temperament, five-star standard and civilian consumption.

About Food

The splendid hotel western restaurant buffet dinner is also very new, not only diverse, exquisite, many are Chenpi cuisine, in addition to the old-fashioned Chenpi stew and dried tangerine peel, I also tasted the first time. Chenpi shrimp and tangerine tomatoes. The perfect combination of dried tangerine peel and seafood makes me a favorite of cats. I simply sprinkle dried tangerine peel on iced tomatoes, so that I can never eat raw tomatoes. It turns out that changing your eating habits sometimes requires only a small layer of dried tangerine peel.

Xinhui is a famous historical and cultural city in South Guangdong. Its profound cultural heritage is inseparable from the historical celebrities. Liang Qichao is one of them. From the bird's paradise, less than a few minutes is the former residence of Liang Qichao. This is the place where the encyclopedic talented scholar Liang Qi lived beyond his life and his youth. Liang Qichao Memorial Hall was built next to the former residence, showing the life of Liang Qichao and the excellent tutor style with the pictures and texts.

Xinhui, Chenpi Villiage for Chenpi
Leaving Liang Qichao’s home, it’s already noon, I can’t help but want to eat the Chenpi feast. Could it be that I am addicted? Hurry up on Chenpi Village to solve the problem.
Xinhui Chenpi Village includes Chenpi Trading Center, Chenpi Standard Storage Center, Chenpi Cultural Experience Center, 987 Food City, etc., integrating Chenpi trading, special catering, leisure health, cultural tourism, architectural style, door and corridor It is constructed of bamboo and has a unique bamboo light tunnel, which is ecologically friendly and has a strong sense of art.

from Guangzhou South to Xinhui Station: High-speed rail 53 minutes, about an hour, a ticket, second-class ticket 45 yuan; Xinhui Station to Country Garden Hotel, playing 10 minutes, about 15 yuan.
it is really not far from Guangzhou ,and climate is pleasent out there, I shall have strong recommendation on it


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