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    Chongqing is one of China's four municipalities, along with Shanghai, Tianjin and Beijing. It is the only municipality not located on the east coast. I went for a 5 days' trip there, in July 2020, during covid times. When I exited the railway station a worker took my temperature and sent me on my way. I didn't have to show/scan any QR code or provide a nucleic test anywhere. The municipality is close to Sichuan province and there are a few national parks nearby, but because of the covid, many travel agencies don't allow foreigners to book trips. I barely found one to take me to Wulong Mountain which lies 120km away. 

    This is Qiansimen bridge, the most famous one in Chongqing:    

    Right under the bridge you can see Hongyadong cave, one of Chongqing's main attractions. I tried to visit it, but was unable to produce the QR code necessary in order to enter the cave.

    The Great Hall Of The People:

    Chongqing, seen from Nanshan Tree Observation Deck:

    If you want to take photos of the city from the best possible spot, I would advise you to arrive early as the place is usually full of people.

    And, a glimpse of Wulong Mountain

    Chongqing is a very beautiful city where you can also learn a bit about Chinese history. I visited the old China-UK liaison office which now serves as a cafe but unfortunately I didn't have time to see Chiang Kai-Shek's residence. I stayed at Ouluya Hotel which is good for a budget minded traveler and offers a nice view of the city. 


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