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Lugu Lake




The last scenic spot I visited while I stayed in Lijiang was this beautiful lake, located around 200 kilometers away from the city center. I booked this trip through the same agency as the one that took me to Shangri-La and the Blue Moon Valley since their services are very good. The price was also around 600 RMB for two days in the area. On day 1, me and the people I shared the trip with got a top view of the lake.

Then had dinner, after which my fellow travelers went to see a performance by a local Yunnan band, but I chose to go back to the lake to photograph it at sunset time and the blue hour, since I had seen the performance during my last visit to the lake.

I got a nice starry night this time

My astro photography skills aren't that good at the moment, since I don't live in an area where I can practice too much.

On the second day it snowed early in the morning, for a few hours.

The color of the lake changes constantly throughout the day. The morning light of the rising sun gives it an orange glow. When the light of sun causes the hills to throw their shadows onto the water, it changes to a jade green color. The lake is calm and dark green in the evening when the sun drops below the horizon, then becomes peaceful during the night. 


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