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Going to Langshan~




Mount Lang Shan is a great place in the corner area of Hunan province

when the holiday is crowded then this mount is great for whoever doesn't wanna mess with the mass

there you are experiencing a real and quiet world.

yeah, that's Hunan University, we organized this trip for international students.

it takes about 2 hours to climb on the top, and also, friends from UK Ca Ye Mo SA and some other countries,they seemed to enjoy this place.

well, it is their graduation season now so they also hope to travel around Hunan, since there are very few people had been to this mount, we just decided to travel here.

we stayed pretty close to Langshan Yao minority village, near where the snack street is.

Though it is off-season( at least not in Hunan) yet, it is considered to be a lively place than any other place.

Langshan Mount, is located in Xining county, Shaoyang city, which is not that famous in China.

still, its Danxia landform is a rare, environmental friendly landscape towards common people.

about Traffic: since the scenic spot is closing on 4 pm so we took 2 days to the scenic spot of Langshan,

we made a plan about timing in advance, arrived the scenic spot and drove away when we arrived at the county for the first day.

well, taking about 2 hours to climb to the top made us departed on 5:30/

it's up to you~

there are 2 shuttle bus routes there:

route 1 started from Beidamen, to Bajiaozhai station;

Route 2 started from Beidamen Station to Jialifeng station.

there's NO detailed bus route schedule hanging on the scenic spots area(I am Chinese and I just double checked)

and the latest one back is at 17:30.

so you have to take your time and do not forget the last bus back to Shaoyang city.


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