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2012.6.27-7.1 Shanghai-Xitang-Suzhou-Hangzhou Again Belonging to a Person's Five Days And Four Nights Thermal Shi people Runaway Meter




This Line Is 6.27 Chengdu-Shanghai 6.28 Shanghai-Xitang (I Know General Should Choose Shanghai to Suzhou to Xitang to Hangzhou, is I Choose Wrong, So Go, Let Me More Tired! Actually I Was Originally Conceived to Save Money! Results Should Be No Province to!) 6.29 Xitang-Suzhou 6.30 Suzhou-Hangzhou 7.1 Hangzhou-Chongqing (End Travel!) Day Day Feeling Is Sitting Is a Luxury, at Night Feeling I Think My Leg's Broken ~ Travel, Not Tired Point Called Travel? ~ ~ Way We like It ~ Haha, I Is a Love Toss Themselves ~ Travel Notes Start, Sichuan Dialect Mainly, More Map: Day1: Chengdu-Shanghai 8-Point 40 Aircraft, drew My over Rhubarb Start Walking!

This Trouble friends Help Me Change This Boarding Pass, I Not Anxious to Airport, Results Friend Help Me from Economy Replaced First Class, Ah Hello, first Receive First Class, Favored the Favored, Indeed Pakistan Proper ~ Behind Back Sit Economy Class, Make Me Indigestible, Or First Class Comfortable!

Really Delicious! Than Porridge Bread Much Better! Forgive Me And Farmers!

11 Point 15 points the Way to the Pudong Airport, I Pray in Don't Rain ~ But Sure Enough Is in Rain, Shower, Array of Very, Just Only under Two Minutes, and Very Big, Make of the I Umbrella't Win! I Set of Hotel Is at the Heart of the Nanjing Road, Called Pacific Hotel, Location Quite Pakistan Proper, look Is Also Very Good, Is in Online Group of Volume, this Is Also I These Days Live of the Best Hotel! Think Price Is Good, in Airport Sit Directly Line 2 to People's Square, exit 8 Basically opposite the Hotel Door To to the Walking Street, Walk There in a Few Minutes, Wax Museum Is in the Neighborhood, Bund, through Pedestrian Street on to ~ But Walk Or a Bit Far, So through Pedestrian Street outside Pool All by Walk of I, Get Bored Or Tired Ah!

Shanghai Madame Tussauds, because I in Hong Kong Had Seen, This I Won't Go to See the ~ Should Be Same Drop!

in Shanghai first Stop Is the Place, mainly to to CPC yi da hui zhi over There to See!

Saw Walking down the Cafe, I like, When Do I Open a of This Size Cafes? ~ ~ ~ Was Really Want to Go into And ~ But Time And Travel Too Hurry! Give up Give up ~

First Floor Sell Small Doll Things ~

next Stop Tianzifang, prepare Raiders When Recommend This Place Not Many People, So I Don't Think People Too Much, and Also Belongs to Shanghai Residents Taste, Main Is Has a Great Variety of Cafes, Creative Goods Stores ~ Then I Want to Go for Coffee, Buy Some Small Things ~ In Haste Journey Also Can Leisurely, Petty at ~ But When I Go ~ People Multi-Channel Multi-~ Made Me Play Disoriented ~ Go of a Few Small Get Came out ~ Estimation I Am Here to Get ~ Ought to Go, Lane 210, I 've Been 225 Side around ~ Anyway in There I Am Can't Find the Way ~ Also Came out! Hey ~ ~ ~ ~ This Is to Prepare for Work Is Not Done, Then Punch-Drunk ~

I like This cup, small Expensive!

In Oriental Pearl Look under the A Clearing, started Playing Selfie Slowly, Shanghai Entered the Night ~ Shanghai Beautiful Night View Also to Start Presents, Even If Rainy Day Is Still Very Beautiful Drop ~ ~ I Took of Shangai Cloudy Night ~ Fog Heavy ~

This Two is in Oriental Pearl Taken on the, pudong See the Bund!

This Is Oriental pearl, slowly to, Have a Surprise! Really Big Surprise! With My Picture with Oriental Pearl to Play ~ Oriental Pearl Welcome You Oh, Pro ~

to under Suspended sightseeing Layer the Oh Pro ~

All Mist ~

I Guess Struck all up Here of People First Feeling Should Be-Pit Father! Glass outside White a ~ Even So, Still Can't Stop You Various Posing, Including I ~ Still Selfie Excitedly! After All Is Not Easy to Trip, Also So Expensive! Imagine If No Fog, Should Be Very Spectacular! A Pity, No See!

in Shanghai history, I Is Various Pack B, Various Autodyne, Ha Ha Ha Ha ~ ~ ~ ~ To See the Oriental Pearl after Do Not Forget to See Museum! Photos Not Much, Or Go in Slowly And See ~ Do Very Good Very Realistic! Retro Car ~

Fruit Powder!

Back to Hotel, glad My Foot Still Long in My Lap ~ First Day in Body Aches in Finished ~ Tomorrow Continue the next Day ~ SHANGHAI-Xitang DAY2 Shanghai-Xitang Yesterday So Tired for, Morning before, put up a Sticking Plaster, Continue My Runaway Meter ~ Morning Or Shanghai!

Saudi Arabia Pavilion

Yu Garden

From Shanghai South Railway Station, car Terminus Direct Train to Xitang! Here Met Small Secretly I Phone, Little I Gonna Be And My Phone Said 88 ~ Fortunately I'm Losing N Mobile Phone after, Alert a Lot, then I Had All These Mobile Phone in Your Hand, See Who Can Also Steal to ~ Haha ~ But My Phone No Calls, Really Is a Little Sad... In This Station to to the Ticket Window, You Can See a Row of People in Street Vendor, stall All over iPhone ~ Estimates Are Thieves! Buy Ticket Is 02:10, Early Yet ~ Also Hou Ha Car ~ Results Found Shanghai Mosquitoes Was Really Welcoming, Reluctant to Me ~ Finally, I 5 Bag as a Gift ~ Appreciate Appreciate ~ Each to a Place Or Local Populations-Favorite I ~

The Third Station: xitang the Xitang Station, Direct Way down Go Can See a Small Get, no to Ticket, through Small Get Is West Street, Just I Hotel Is in West Street... Xitang of Tickets Is 100, And Many Small Get Are Not to Ticket Money, I Simply Don't Know Front Where!

Xitang on Shop: sell Various Drum of

I in This Send the Postcard

In Huanxiu Bridge next to the Small Pavilion inside Have Three Handsome Boy in Playing sings ~, I Especially like They Wrote the Work for the Dream, Say I Now Voice Ah ~

Tom This a tour, estimated This Let Xitang Business a Lot ~ Bring a Lot of Tourists ~

of Night, lantern More ~

In Xitang Night, most Lively Is This Bar Street Pond East Street, Linhe Seat Most Sought-after, some Bar Coming Song Good, Some Coming... Pro, You Won't Have Business Drop ~ ~ ~ Ha Ha Ha Ha ~ ~ ~ Walking through a Bar, and a Dress Can And Dry Lulu Comparable Beauty Just Come out to Buy Cigarettes, back Rate That Call a High Ah ~

He Arrives! Before Mentioned ~ ~ ~ Wishing Lamp Killer!

Alarm 5:30, get up on Time, Wash, 6-Point out! Travel Really Is And Desperately, but Again No Tired Worthwhile!

Main Can Unbridled of Self Play ~ To a Self Portrait ~ Eyes to See Flower! Every Time Go out Travel All Have to Jump a Ha ~

Today Variable large Sunny Day, makes It Look Yesterday Xitang Special Same ~ Shuitianyise ~ Blue, Very Beautiful! Anything Not Much Said, Most Notably Picture!


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