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Visit Suzhou in 100 Yuan




Suzhou has many streets and lanes, is known as "Suzhou first street", Shantang Street is located in Suzhou City, Metro Line 2 can be reached directly - Shan Tong Street Station, casually from which exit can be Find, divided into two directions, one is the commercial district, one is a residential area, two directions together is about seven miles, "Seven Mile Hill Tong" as the name implies, the city stagnant waterways, crossroads aspect, evening Du Xun, a poet of the Tang Dynasty, wrote a poem: "When you see a man in Suzhou, you have to rest for a long time, and there are few ancient sites and small bridges." I suddenly thought of this song that day, Pen and Ben, bought a cup of drink, gave me a receipt, shock is empty in the cat wrote this sentence. My affection here is not very deep, because this street is too much, and in addition to eat eat, with the same Shanghai Qibao town.

Transport: From the train station is also very close, a taxi starting price, from the stone road business circle is also very close. Next to each other.
costs: Tickets: free, transport, take a subway over the past 4 dollars. 100 yuan left 96 yuan. To prepare for public transport change.
Shantang Street

Suzhou Museum
costs: tickets free, queuing can be, but more people to visit, so need to queue up to enter. Stroll from Shantang Street 1 can be reached. Bus budget 2 yuan, grace pocket there 94 yuan.
Suzhou Museum is located in the center of Suzhou, the new site for Taiping Heavenly King Li Xiucheng Wangfu ruins, so with the loyalty palace is, but also from the Humble Administrator's Garden is also relatively close, the walk can also be arrived. The novel, simple lines, crisp, strong color contrast, the typical Soviet-style window, the traditional Suzhou architectural style, and the building is the world's architect IM Pei and Bayesian Architects design, Bayeux is a civilized world Master of Design, France Paris Louvre in front of the inverted pyramid is the masterpiece of Bayeux, widely acclaimed so it is still worth a visit, the museum often have some exhibitions, but also more artifacts, it is recommended that children can be brought home to learn.

Pingjiang Road
fee: tickets free, other places to stroll, the camera pictures, the appreciation of appreciation, do not buy it, do not buy it.
Transportation: Suzhou Museum Pingjiang Road can also walk, it is about 1km away. You can also take the bus stop on the road to 1.
Pingjiang Road north of the Humble Administrator's Garden, Twin Towers South Vision. A total length of 1606 meters, but it is a history of Suzhou, a long history of classic water Lane, compared Qilili ponds, I prefer Pingjiang Road, quiet, compared to the commercial atmosphere of a more lively atmosphere in other towns, the streets Kind of cafe friends, the restaurant is also a lot of friends, very petty bourgeoisie, so hurried footsteps stopped here quietly enjoy the leisure time, here is one of the Suzhou coffee shop.
Pingjiang Road, the countless number of coffee shops, there are several of the warmest coffee shops in Pingjiang Road.
[Starbucks] into the mouth of the first should be Starbucks, settled here is not an important social sector events, because Suzhou has more than a dozen branches, December 13 to go when it has not opened, and now I do not know did not open, In fact, I still quite like Starbucks Lane warm colors, and opened in the Pingjiang Road, belongs to the Chinese style of decoration,
[EnergyCoffee] is a "complex line of dozens of steps, suddenly" (so beautiful words are grown up to experience , I really do not know why in junior high school to learn some of the articles we can not understand, and now look at the "Peach Blossom Spring," can fully appreciate the kind of beauty.) Feel the cafe, shop in the main road Pingjiang main branch of the alley Lee, the store is relatively mini, standing outside the coffee shop will be able to see it over and over again, like the girl in Europe Van children should like to be here. Mainly boss super handsome, animal in nature sister's Gospel.
Cat's sky city headquarters in Suzhou, and the first flagship store is on the Pingjiang Road, but not a family of two Pingkang empty cats, near the mouth of the family is also noisy, I can not Pretend here to write a cup of coffee to write a postcard to stay in the morning or afternoon, walking around, can not stop, but here a small fresh literary and art installation of thirteen people still a lot. If you bring friends to chat here is still good, around the bookcase is stacked with a unique stack of postcards, hand-painted maps and small crafts, there are some specific books and magazines on the second floor. Beside the cupboards where books and magazines are placed are wooden tables and chairs, round or square, and several sets of sofas in the corner. Get a corner to sit down, soft sofa makes people become lazy. Each table has a color brush and a thick guestbook, you can leave some words. This is the Cat's sky city headquarters slightly, by the end of Pingjiang Road, the last came back from the Tianmuhu, have been there once. The two of us also only care about the smelly
cat empty available to provide postal business, the female man also occasionally under the literary and artistic sacrifices to lay youth, remember a postcard in the cat empty, but estimated that the recipient is not received, so far, I wrote Have sent two postcards, first sent to people, then there is no then. Sending the second essay, I do not know what went to the Gap, since there is no news so far. Here if it is the own postcards, stamps plus service fee is about 3 yuan

If you really want to calm down to write postcards or something, it is recommended to go cat next door Mingtang coffee hotel, is an international youth travel, there are coffee, there are tea, breakfast morning will provide in-house guests breakfast, Ming Tang cafe High quality and low price. Although a cup of coffee only sells for 18 pieces, the best choice is ILLY coffee beans. The Haagen-Dazs ice cream is made of "ILLY" high-quality coffee of.
If you choose between cat empty and Ming Tang drink coffee, individuals still like Ming Tong.
Buy a cup of coffee, send a postcard pocket there are 66 yuan, 66 yuan is about to spend an afternoon yet.
[Imperial chicken feet] Pingjiang Road, there are many specialty snacks, and the business is very hot, the last sister to buy the Imperial chicken feet, at least for 20 minutes or more, in order to make my sister often the best, I also specifically Went to 3 stores, respectively, bought a chicken feet contrast.

All right. Have enough to eat enough, have reserved bus money to go home.

Each go long half a catty, the next week of the diet, the diet to lose weight.

This is a 100 dollar story.


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