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24Hours Fuxian Lake



I spent 24 hours in Fuxian Lake. In theory, a group of photos should be a style of painting, but Fuxian Lake changes like a fairy and the style of painting is uncertain.

I feel that Fuxian Lake is worth staying for one night, to see the beauty of sunrise and sunset, marvel at the excellent water quality, and taste the delicious fish feast produced by such excellent water quality.

It feels that Fuxian Lake must seize the time to go. In order to protect such high-quality water resources and the natural environment, environmental protection management around the lake is becoming more and more formal: the tourist boats in the lake are all without mechanical power. It is forbidden to swim in the lake. It is said that within 150 meters from the shore of the lake,accommodation and catering will not be allowed. The existing ones will be gradually moved. Sitting in the lake and watching the beautiful scenery as shown in photo 4 will soon become a fish. Expectation.


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