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Shanghai old city film base




I am in Shanghai now, in addition to holidays, only the weekends can walk around, like the classic nostalgia, Shanghai Film Park, also known as Shanghai's car pier film base, which is full of scenic "Southern Street" and real Scenery "Scenery of Nanjing Road in the 1930s" and "Residence in Shanghai Lane" provide an ideal filming scene for movie and TV drama, and open up entirely new avenues for people to see the colorful Shanghai style. Most of the domestic narratives about the Shanghai story are filmed here. One of the most famous is "love deep rain", "Lust, Caution" and so on.

The park has tram or rickshaw, take the 30s Nanjing Road, the old Shanghai traditional streets, Shikumen Lane, Suzhou Creek revetment, Zhejiang Road steel bridge, taste the old Shanghai snacks, take a look at the verge of extinction The old Shanghai traditional juggling, feel the ride speeding fun, and even to see the Catholic Church, the medieval winery and Britain, France, Germany, Spain, Norway and other European style European-style buildings.

Xinqiao Town, Songjiang, on Saturday night, this town is close to the car pier movie park, live in the town at night, rest early, go to the destination early the next morning.

The streets leading to the movie paradise are all old Shanghai architectural style, people feel back to the old Shanghai, this is the door to the area.

As one of China's top ten film and television base. There are a lot of film and television works are here in the viewfinder, but also remember "love deep rain" in the bridge according to Ping jump scene, but also here in the viewfinder, the day went to see the crew, but I When it was noon, the crew should be eating or rest, do not know what is the TV series or movie.

Sitting on the tram, all the way to jingling through Nanjing Road, as if through the time tunnel - the old Shanghai to the 30's! At the beginning of the 20th century, the three major companies of Ancestors, Yongan and Xinxin, which opened their doors in the early 20th century, looked alike. The shops of Sanyang South Branch, Shen Dacheng Dessert Shop, Sunrise House, Shengxiu Footwear Store, Lotte Tea House, Deli watch shop, Zhang Xiaoquan knife cut ... ...

Came to the streets, this is the old Shanghai to the 1930s, read a lot of Republican themes of various movies, TV series should feel familiar, many attractions are here, although I can not be one to one. Such as Chen Kaige's "Fengshen" and so on. Gong Li had fed the pigeons here on the bomb grid, and Zhou Jie had "jumped" downstairs.

Cross road signs, you can see Nanjing Road, is also so full of old Shanghai taste!

This is a Norwegian-style building, is the Mailer apartment. According to legend, in 1919 in Shanghai, with a horse gambling Association betting fortune British adventurer Mahler, his daughters dream into a house like Andersen's fairy tale, waking up on the paper, Mahler saw a great feeling Interest, it is a blueprint for the construction of a size of 106 rooms with a house, and each of the different styles, so Mahler apartment called "dream apartment."  

After entering the gate found a car parked next to, I believe in the old Shanghai Republican movie in such cars everywhere.

Address: No. 4915 North Song Road, Chedian Town, Songjiang District, Shanghai Shanghai Film and Television Park 80,000 Stadiums "Shanghai Travel Distribution Center" to Shanghai Movie & TV Garden Tour


1, 80,000 People from

Monday to Friday --- Shanghai Film and Video Paradise 8:50 AM

Shanghai Film and Television Paradise --- 80,000 Stadium 13:30 PM

2, Saturday and Sunday 80,000 Stadium --- Shanghai Film and TV Park 8:50 AM

10:00 AM

Shanghai Film and Television Paradise --- 80,000 People Stadium 13:30 PM

15:00 PM

(* May 1 - 7 increased to two classes)

Second, the People's Square Wusheng Road --- Zhujing Town, Feng Jing long-distance car dock car Dunzhen

Third, the People's Square ---- ----- Shanghai gold line dock car Dunzhen

four, subway Xinzhuang station Xinsong line stop car Dunzhen

five Huining Road ----------- Fengjing long-distance car dock car Dunzhen

Six Xujiahui by Xu Min line --- North Bridge to turn Xinsong line car Dunzhen

seven subway Hongmei Road Station (Jinjiang Paradise) to the southwest bus station transfer --- car Dunzhen Shanghai Television Park map

eight, own Vehicles: Inner Ring Link --- Humin Road --- Xinsong Expressway (Xinqiao Exit) --- Chedian


Subway Line 1: Shanghai South Railway Station Transfer to Shishi Line Petrochemical direction to Chedian town;

Metro Line: Jinjiang Paradise Station to Shanghai Jinshan direction to the direction of the car pier under the pier;

Metro Line: Lotus Road Station turn stone line, lotus line, lotus gold line To Chedianzhen Station;

Subway Line 1: Xinzhuang Railway Station to Shanghai Railway Station to Chedian Station;

Subway Line 9: Songjiang Metro Station to Songdi Minzhong to Chedian.

Metro Line 22 (Jinshan Branch): car Pier Station.

By car

Shanghai downtown - Shanghai-Hangzhou Expressway - Exit to Xinqiao - Turn left onto the new car highway - Turn left onto North Pine Road - 100 meters ahead to Shanghai Film & TV Paradise.



Essential travel four treasures: fans, umbrellas, glasses, sun hat summer, the weather is very hot, hiking, wading, wearing Lin Yue Ling, tourists often want to sweat. Prepare a fan, both heat, but also grace. When traveling, with a folding umbrella, not only to avoid heavy rain on the way to tourism and shower, you can also shade, but also for pictures wonderful props. Sunglasses: to increase the demeanor of tourists, but also to avoid glare stimulation and wind blown into the eye. Sun hat: not only to avoid sun exposure your facial skin, so that your hair is not blown by the wind, but also a good ornament. There are three more things to play around. One is to wear soft bottom flat shoes, such as travel shoes, hiking shoes, do not wear high heels, platform shoes. The second is the most effort to use the pockets to carry things, followed by a shoulder bag, shoulder bag and handbags the most effort. Three is to ask more open way to avoid the costly mistakes, do not "feel the river across the river" chaos break.


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