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photos in Longji terrance, Guilin




This time I am for business traveling from Beijing to Guilin

then for timekilling between the meetings then I chose to go to Longji terrance fields

for foreigners there may be a petite problem because 

roundway buses are limited on 730 in the morning and back way at 1800, so it is better to rent a car or take a taxi there.

I am not sure if you guys can rent one in China, without a Chinese driving lisence.

I drove a car for around 100 minutes from urban area of Guilin then arrived Longji 

tickets are 70 per person

as they said no limits towards foreigners in the whole guangxi province, but they doubt if there can be anyone travel to China in this pandemic situation.

local Yi/Dong people's estates

this is even better when crops are growing

there are plenty of guest houses and hotels, as well as resterants, so no need to worry about language issues.

most of the shop keepers can speak English, at least a little bit

seven stars observation tower

everybody in the villages will keep dogs

that's interesting

this is where I stay in Guilin urban area, the waterfall hotel

around 90 USD per night for a sight-seeing room

on the way to the hilltop

you have to climb yourself, so it is better to bring snickers or sports shoes with you

local Asian minorities

all of them are speaking Chinese, so communication will not be a big issue

newly built tradition style bridges

that's a common design in modern ages

shops ,tea houses, and coffee shops

local Chinese rural dog on the hilltop

I will be updating:)


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