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3 days to fall in love with Gusu, Suzhou city



Autumn tour Gusu fell in love with a city for three days 

has always felt that a person's travel is too lonely, a group of people's travel seems to be all-encompassing, two or three people make it more appropriate. This desire has also come true since my relationship with my girlfriend. Two young people who love to travel leave our footprint everywhere. Suzhou is our long-awaited place. Visit the garden, listen to Kunqu Opera, then snack point, how pleasant. In the summer vacation began to arrange the trip, from the plan to those attractions began to trips, the hotel. (PS; my girlfriend and I travel by me to arrange various plans, itineraries, traffic routes, etc., the cost is basically AA. Are students, travel funds either live cost or do part-time access, so a tourist The main purpose is: to play happy, with peace of mind.) Then basically set the two people's travel costs roughly in 2000 or so, this last I will tell you in the final chapter of the specific spending and Raiders. 

【First day】 Gusu City, I came to 
Ningbo - Suzhou 
for the trip to Suzhou, please two days off. University during the trip to this point is good, leave more convenient, please skip the class is not (of course, I am not to encourage Qiao class, and sometimes compelling.) Ningbo to Suzhou train (EMU), high-speed rail G), ordinary fast passenger (K). Pursuit of nature is not considered within the scope of the original time is limited, and then rule the size of the rule open more than 7 hours too much, high-speed rail because the price is not considered. Finally set in D5456 such a moving car, Ningbo East (16:02) → Suzhou (19:04). There are several reasons to choose this car: one is because it costs a lot less than the high-speed rail, but the time is only 20 minutes slower, and there is it is to Suzhou station, near the city. 

Arrived in Suzhou Railway Station is 7 o'clock in the evening, and hungry and tired, so I chose to fight to the hotel. Check the Super 8 hotel Humble Administrator's Garden (buy, buy is a good thing). Hotel is good in all aspects, that is, no window buy. However, we are here to travel, sleep at night in the hotel, with or without windows really does not matter. After going through the check-in procedures, it is necessary to have a meal. The hungry chest sticks back. Near the hotel a lot of food stalls, home-cooked food noodles super delicious, let me aftertaste it! Opposite the hotel is a river, as well as a bridge (Loumen Bridge), there are actually bridges on the night market. Hotel surroundings are still quite good.

【The second day】 Changshou Gusunzhengzheng 
Park - Lingering Garden - Hanshan Temple - Tiger Hill - Guanqian Street 
Hotel live away from the Humble Administrator's Garden is quite close (it called speed eight humble Administrator's Garden shop Oh, Oh ~ ), So the first stop on the choice to go to Humble Administrator's Garden, and choose to walk, here really want to thank Baidu mobile map ah, this is indeed a good application. I go out to travel by bus, find the basic use of attractions it, but this trip to Suzhou has also been pit it once (this next table). Walk along the navigation route given by Baidu Map to Humble Administrator's Garden. You can feel the morning of Suzhou. Walked through the Loumen Bridge, the night market last night in the morning has become a vegetable market. Small business hawkers running their own small businesses on both sides of the road, passing vehicles in the middle counterparts, not crowded at all, this morning market made me feel particularly good. By the way on foot in the breakfast shop along the street to taste the breakfast in Suzhou, the solution to the abdication of the wish to enjoy what fun. Walked for nearly 20 minutes, you will find more and more people in front, and some people began to ask you, you need a ticket? Those who sell tickets may be group buy, get into a group of people after you join the park, and then is your own play. I did not buy their tickets for the simple reason that we can apply for a 50% discount on your student ID. (At this time found to be good student). Although it was only 8 o'clock when it came to the gate of Humble Administrator's Garden, many people are already traveling because of the reason of Saturday.

拙政园zhuo zheng Yuan, Humble Administrator's garden

Humble Administrator's Garden is the largest garden in Suzhou. It really was a bit of an excitement when I came to the entrance to the garden because it really started my trip to Suzhou. Mid-Autumn Festival has passed, autumn gradually thick, the garden is open Chrysanthemum Yan. Have to say, Humble Administrator's Garden is also a good place for autumn flowers. Small bridges seem to have become a symbol of Jiangnan Water Village, and the arch bridge has become a must for the garden, Humble Administrator's Garden is also true. Dead leaves fall into the stream, slowly flowing. Years of change, things are non-human, arch bridge is still carrying the coming and going, all kinds of tourists. Most of the gardens in the south are official residences of private residences, and Humble Administrator's Garden is a private garden dedicated by Wang Xianchen, a censor of the Jiajing period. The layout of the garden structure can also be a little to explore the owner of the character of geometry. Suzhou garden has a characteristic that is similar to this boat house in particular. Does this also highlight the characteristics of this southern Yangtze River in Suzhou, or is it an important station of the Grand Canal? Humble Administrator's Garden brochure along the line came to the backyard. The backyard is a potted forest, a wide range of potted plants. After reading potted plants, Humble Administrator's Garden has been roughly finished shopping. Exit to a Suzhou Embroidery Exhibition Hall. Suzhou embroidery really beautiful, I look endless, a kind of direct buy an impulse to bring home. Unfortunately, cash-strapped, I am afraid I can not afford to sell, only a full view of the eyes. Although there is no understanding of Suzhou embroidery, but I think the lines used in embroidery very fine, and bright color, so looks very beautiful.

Not far from the Humble Administrator's Garden is the Suzhou Museum and Zhong Palace. However, our next attraction is to stay in the park, while riding on the strength of the first day of physical strength to go far point attractions, there is the longing for the Lingering Park. Before coming to Suzhou, I saw on the Internet a piece of information: There was a non-governmental organization in the United States who wanted to spend two billion U.S. dollars to buy a dormitory and the Suzhou Municipal Government did not agree. What kind of a garden, so that foreigners are so obsessed, I am curious. 

The characteristics of the Lingering Garden is small and delicate, from the Humble Administrator's Garden suddenly to the Lingering Park will be a little reaction, however. Because after playing Humble Administrator's Garden before you will think that the park is really small and compact. Lingering Park filled with the atmosphere of the Kunqu Opera, from the boat on the lake to the park lobby and then to the export stage, Kunqu performance can be seen everywhere. As an important song in Kunqu opera, "Peony Pavilion" is indispensable in the park. Unfortunately, we did not catch up with the performance time of "Peony Pavilion" and listened to the traditional Kunqu Opera "Fifteen Identities". Lingering Garden similar to the same Zhuozhengyuan pot plants. Lingering Park is absolutely a crown Yunfeng, Guan Yunfeng is the song at the end of the relics. (Song Huizong like strange flowers, was introduced all over the southern parts of the odd flowers, Taihu Shi one of the important one of the ten ships as a "Gang.") Hear the park instructors said: The crown cloud Peak Qi Taihu stone "thin, wrinkled, leaked, through" four odd in one, is the unique Taihu Shi. Look really laments the dexterity of nature. Lingering Park, another five peaks cents Museum, commonly known as "Nanmu Hall." Wufeng Xian Hall beams all use Phoebe, the middle of all the mahogany silver gingham screens. The degree of luxury is evident.

Slowly out of the Lingering Garden, in its exports not far from the tourist center, you can buy some souvenirs inside, you can also pick up some travel brochures and travel maps. I bought a set of Suzhou garden postcards, wrote some of the travel experience and wishes, sent to distant friends, invited them to Suzhou city to play. Sent postcards almost half past eleven, they will find restaurants in the stay near the park to eat. In the fast, economical principle we find a Lanzhou Ramen shop. Ha ha ~ When I go out to choose not to go out when traveling to Lanzhou Ramen shop or Shaxian snacks. The final result proved that coming to this Lanzhou noodle shop is an unexpected hi. The Ramen I ate was the best fried ramen noodles I've ever had in Lanzhou Ramen, and my girlfriend's braised beef noodles are super delicious. (This may be related to the fact that I did not go to the northwest to eat real ramen.) Recommended here to stay in the park to try this ramen, though not Suzhou diet, but the taste is really good, just across the Lingering Garden. 

After satiating, continue our journey. "Gushan outside the Hanshan Temple, midnight bells to the passenger ship." It is estimated that many people because Zhang Ji's two poems only know Hanshan Temple, only longing for Suzhou, and then came to Suzhou. Indeed, these two sentences have become postcards of Hanshan Temple. Hanshan Temple on the day a large number of tourists, a bus almost parked outside the Hanshan Temple parking lot, tourists such as weaving. Most of the tourists come to visit Hanshan Temple like me, of course, there are many devout pilgrims. Hanshan Temple is not large, if not carefully read those allusions engraved for an hour you can stroll over.

Hanshan Temple on the day a large number of tourists, a bus almost parked outside the Hanshan Temple parking lot, tourists such as weaving. Most of the tourists come to visit Hanshan Temple like me, of course, there are many devout pilgrims. Hanshan Temple is not large, if not carefully read those allusions engraved for an hour you can stroll over. Hanshan Temple entrance is the most photos of tourists places. Waiting for a long time finally until no one photo, and quickly snapped. Into the Hanshan Temple will be a turtle camel stone inscription. Looks pretty old look. There is an inscription beside the main hall of Hanshan Temple. It is Zhang Ji's "Maple Night at night" above, we can see the poem in the temple status and role. (You can also see an enlarged version of this monument). The monastery at Hanshan Temple gives me the feeling of being exquisite, without the dignity of many monasteries. These can be seen from some of the details of the temple. Mount Hanshan Temple loft overlooking the entire Hanshan Temple. Relative to the overcrowding in the monastery, Hanshan Temple Plaza, there will be much less people. There is a clock tower here, which is hung with a large clock, engraved with the "ancient Hanshan Temple" four characters and many small inscriptions. In the face of a huge ancient bell I have a trace of fear, imagine what it would fall in case. Ha ha ~ Opposite the bell tower is a huge monument, positive for late Qing calligrapher Yu Xuan in the Hanshan Temple Zhang Ji's "Maple Night at night", on the back of Emperor Qianlong Emperor pen written "Prajna Paramita Heart Sutra." In particular, Zhang Ji's "Night Bridge at Fengqiao" brought so much influence to Hanshan Temple.

After the Hanshan Temple tour we continue to rush to Tiger Hill. Su Shi had lamented: not to visit Tiger Hill in Suzhou, but it is a pity. So old Su praise, Tiger Hill will have its unique place. This time in accordance with the phone Baidu map given by bus to get on the way to Huqiu bus. However, the Baidu map cheated me this time, I entered Tiger Hill, it automatically set the end of the Huqiu District People's Government. I waited for the bus I found that we are wrong, and Tiger Hill Scenic Area here is still quite far away. In order to save energy but also in a hurry, we chose to hit the Tiger Hill. Fortunately, Suzhou is not expensive to fight, hit the Tiger Hill less than 30 yuan. Not yet to Huqiu scenic area, will be able to see a sign from far, above written "first mountain in Wu." Because it is autumn, most of Tiger Hill's flowers fade a lot of its fade. Huqiu stone as a major feature, everywhere engraved with a variety of fonts stone, it seems that each has its allusions. Tiger Hill is the most famous tiger hill tower. Tiger Hill Tower has a thousand years of history, but also because of its slight tilt known as the "Leaning Tower of Pisa in China." From a distance, the tilt of the tower is still obvious. There is a Royal Pavilion in Tiger Hill, there are three stone tablets, namely, Kangxi, and Qianlong legacy. Huqiu within a fixed time every day there will be a stage performance. While we were going, we were performing the repertoire of the four gifted people in the south of Yangtze River. Waiting for a break, leaving a stage photo.

Tiger is playing in the evening, we rushed to Guanqian Street. Guanqian Street is a century-old commercial street, is the most bustling downtown Suzhou. Its status in Suzhou is similar to Beijing Wangfujing, Shanghai Nanjing Road, Guangzhou Shangxiajiu. The sky was dark when it reached Guanqian Street, about six in the afternoon. From afar, the neon lights of various stores have long been bright, but in this city of Suzhou can be considered bustling. In front of Guanqian find a restaurant for dinner. After dinner Suwan Qian Qian began to visit the dinner, in fact, each city's commercial street is similar, only a few local specialty stores slightly different. In a silver shop bought a pair of rings, it can be considered a souvenir to Suzhou. One of the main attractions in Guanqian Street is Xuanmiao Guan. Because it is already night, Xuanmiao Guan already closed. It can only see myself outside. There is a shop opposite the mysterious view, selling all kinds of handicrafts, the lights inside make me feel very interesting. Specially photographed a few. To be honest shopping is not very cold. Also tired because of playing one day, so less than eight back to the hotel. Tomorrow continue our trip to Suzhou.

【The third day】

Shulin - Suzhou Museum - Pingjiang Road - Shantou Street 
Morning wake up early in the morning to meet the Lion Rock. There are many breakfast stalls near the Lion Grove, selling a variety of breakfasts. Buy a few cute pig shape milk yellow bag, the price a little expensive, but the taste is not bad. Looked at the cute pig, I still eat it heartlessly. Lions Lin Su is famous for rockery, Qianlong had six tours lion forest, its very favorite. It is so, the early morning lion forest has attracted many tourists come. Ancient architecture can be seen everywhere auspicious details. Looked up the roof of a lucky Samsung, people really can not pay attention to this detail. 

Into the park can be seen a beautiful screen, behind the screen is the hall. The glass on the door in the Lion Grove looks a bit like a window glass in a church. And this does have a certain historical background. In 1917, Bei Runsheng (uncle of the world famous architect IM Pei), a painter from Shanghai, bought Lion Grove from Li Juxian, the chief of civilian administration, and introduced western gardening practices into the garden. Therefore, similar details of the Lion Grove and the Western church will not be exaggerated. Yan Yu Hall as the main hall of the Lions Forest Park reveals a trace of exquisite gas. Tourists came to Lion Rock for the Rockery Park. Qianlong emperor six tours Lion Forest, has given "mirror mirror", "Painting Temple", "real fun" and other plaques (currently only "real fun"). Qianlong also ordered the installation of two Lions forests in Chengde Mountain Resort in Beijing's Summer Palace. Can be seen that the self-proclaimed "ten full-fledged elderly" how much love the lion forest. Lion Rock's rockery like a big maze of twists and turns, accidentally you will find that you go is a dead end. You have to go back and find another way out. Shuttle in the rockery, but also interesting. However, rugged rockery, many tourists, play must pay attention to safety. Lion Rock's rockery there is a condensate Pavilion. Compared with the bustling rockery, this side is particularly quiet. End of the tour rockery, stepping on the trail came to the side hall. There is a huge Taihu Lake here, in fact, a good photo.

Suzhou Museum is very close to Lion Grove, walking again with the help of a mobile map. Suzhou attractions are close to each other, which tourists save a lot of time by car. To understand the history of a city, then you have to go to the city's museum. Suzhou Museum is even more so, its reputation even more than a lot of Suzhou gardens, is also a must have tourists to Suzhou, a must see. Suzhou Museum by the famous Chinese designer IM Pei fencing design (Louvre expansion of the design comes from the master's hand). When I saw the Suzhou Museum sighed: really unique, a blend of Suzhou local architectural style. Suzhou Museum daily to accept 3,000 tourists, so when we arrived in front of nearly a hundred people have been arranged. Wait patiently, as if every fifteen minutes to enter a group. After entering the museum in the left room for security checks, then you can visit the museum. Suzhou Museum's collection is indeed very rich, the following into the art of appreciation. Suzhou Museum is a very laid-back place, when you look tired, you can bask in the sun in the pavilion, talk about just saw the treasures.

Pingjiang Road, Suzhou Museum is not close, less than a kilometer walk, but if there is no guidance but also hard to find. Brought to the phone by a map of a small river, found quiet around, is it wrong to go wrong. They went to the street shop bought two bottles of drink, take the opportunity to ask for a way. Store is disdain to say: in front of what is not Pingjiang Road. 囧, this is really a leaf barrier it! 

Relative to the day before the business outlook Guanqian Street, Pingjiang Road is a bit literary, a bit petty bourgeoisie. Roadside shops and more for the bookstore, dessert shop, bar or craft shop. There are rocking boats on the river can ride, there are rickshaws on the road. However, I would like to feel the atmosphere of Pingjiang Road, or walk in the ancient trail, shuttle in various stores look better. 

To Pingjiang can not miss an interesting bookstore - Cat Sky City concept bookstore. The bookstore is indeed very distinctive, whether it is style or content inside. Bookstore in addition to many original books, postcards, interesting small crafts. A big part of a bookstore is sending to the future: you can send a postcard to someone by choosing a future date. Bookstore also opened up a special wall, full of all kinds of tickets to Suzhou. Maybe everyone has reason to Suzhou, but now you feel the atmosphere of the city in Pingjiang. In addition to Cat's Sky City, Pingjiang Road, there are many specialty shops. Tired, sitting on the stone bench by the river, watching someone coming and going, eating snacks in the street selling, it is cozy. Pingjiang Road, the scenery has attracted many new come wedding photos. Sneaky took a picture.


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