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10 days of Yunnan Travel



By @Professionalbulb copyright reserved

The time we went to Yunnan was from the end of June to the beginning of July, and the climate was quite pleasant. Lijiang in Kunming Dali T-shirt to wear these places to OK. If you want to go to Shangri-La, it is recommended to bring some thick clothes, down jacket Shenma no problem, a thick coat enough. In particular, must bring ah sunscreen pro, even if it is cloudy, but also painted, we are tragedy, ah, a lot of tanning unconsciously. Also, a lot of change over the weather in Yunnan, a big sun, take two steps to rain. So remember to go out with an umbrella. Especially in July and August, it is the rainy season over there, especially love to rain. Also, there must be enough memory to put photos, because the scenery is so beautiful ah ~ 
tickets, according to our experience, do not book early too early in advance, in general, a 3,4 days in advance like, cheap And definitely have votes. Of course, I do not know the other seasons, hey ~ 
digression, personally think that four people traveling is definitely a combination of gold ah, accommodation two rooms, playing a car, convenient and most economical. 
Spending, on average, everyone 4200 bar. Among them traffic is the biggest expense. 
Of all the places to go, the most favorite is the Lugu Lake and Pudacuo. Lijiang, we all love to say I did not feel much. Personally think of Yunnan, then look at the natural scenery or better, blue sky and white clouds, grassland lakes, the United States and Yunnan ~

Finally arrived, look at the plane, refreshing ah. In this season, Yunnan is simply too smart to bid farewell to the scorching sun in Greater Xi'an. Booked room next to the Golden Horse Square, take a subway car and finally arrived. Drop your luggage and find your stomach. Just home Qiaobayuan Park, that is it. To be honest, the taste of rice noodles is very general, but come to Yunnan, how have to taste, after all, be regarded as specialties ~ Tips: Ask the waiter before the rice noodle you want to have mint leaves, we sad reminder A bit late, that cool, can not believe ah.

we went to one of the most failed attractions of this trip - Dianchi Lake, simply failed failed ah. Not far from the center of the city center, the key scenery is really worth seeing, a pool of white foam floating green water Blind you ah. Door also used a broken wooden fence to collect tickets

Day 2

Breakfast could not find anything else to eat, but for a family to continue to eat rice noodles. . . After dinner went to Stone Forest, due to strong do not want to with the group, we have to go through the stone forest ah. First bus ride to the Eastern Terminal, and then line up to buy tickets, coincides with student holidays, queuing people called more than one. However, upside down the bus, basically a 15-20 minute train. Sit for a long time bus, and finally be able to Shilin.

Stone Forest (Shi lin 石林)scenic scenery is still quite good, it is worth it. Also, I eat a fruit stand in the area of my life so far eaten the best mango, called a sweet ah. To Yunnan here we must taste the local fruits, especially mango, cheap and delicious. 
After visiting the Shilin bus ride back home, the road sleep seven dirty eight elements. If you want to play Stone Forest, it is recommended or reported a Shilin day tour more convenient. Traffic is really inconvenient when you go there. A lot of travel agencies near Jinma Biji Fang can be reported to the group, the price is about 120, with their own price to almost. Yes, to Shilin words must be prepared enough dry food, at least with a lunch, the area basically nothing to eat.

Fusu floor decided to go to the restaurant for lunch, quite a few stores, and we went home from the Golden Horse Square Jibang closer. Cool chicken noodle will point ah, giant delicious. Well other vegetables, not very amazing, but okay. Its most famous home is actually a steam chicken, but yesterday we have eaten, so no point. Fuk Fook House compared to a printed price more expensive, dishes are also slightly delicate, but still feel a lot of flavor to win a lot. So just go to one, or recommend a print.

After dinner back to the place to pack up, departure to the train station. Bought a sleeper to Dali, sleep a bright tomorrow morning will be able to. More fortunate to buy a cheap soft-sleeper ticket, just four of us in a piece, ha ha 
almost forgot to say that when you come to Kunming, we must not forget to try flower cakes, to buy Wah Hua flower cakes this brand. Very tasty. Eat yourself or buy some go back to give people are good. However, we are afraid of trouble Lord, did not buy the habit of souvenir, to satisfy their own mouth is kingly, haha.
Book a room online in advance, and discuss with the innkeeper boss 50 dollars to pick us up at the train station. Dali cheaper prices, about one hundred can live to about the same. Arrived at the ground, wash his face, set out to go to the ancient town. In the ancient town package a sister's car, take us to Xizhou, Chongsheng Temple Tower, Cangshan turn around. Cut the price back and forth 60. The scenery is really beautiful along the way.

Day 3

Book a room online in advance, and discuss with the innkeeper boss 50 dollars to pick us up at the train station. Dali cheaper prices, about one hundred can live to about the same. Arrived at the ground, wash his face, set out to go to the ancient town. In the ancient town package a sister's car, take us to Xizhou, Chongsheng Temple Tower, Cangshan turn around. Cut the price back and forth 60. The scenery is really beautiful along the way.

Cangshan is still worth a look, after all, the well-known Dali Cangshan Erhai Well. Bought a cable ticket up and down, sitting halfway, really a bit scared. 
Just entered the Cangshan Road on both sides of a lot of selling fruit, do not rush to buy, the more the more cheap later. Dali price than Kunming, Lijiang is still a lot lower. So the fruit is especially cheap and delicious. Especially recommended pineapple, mango, mangosteen.

Listen to the recommendation of driving a big sister, supper in the Xanthium spring solution. Seemingly very famous, which hung a lot of celebrity photos. Plum wine taste good, the overall feeling of food in general.


Day 4

Early in the morning to go to the travel agency collection, car to the pier. About 9 o'clock starting from the Dragon Fai pier, about 12:30 when the end. However, the final disembarkation is not in Longan dock, but the pier in Taoyuan. Dali ancient city is still quite far away. On the boat again saw the Bai ethnic song and dance performances, but this time the quality of sister than hi town, slightly haha. Stop midway two islands, a small Putuo, a South Shao style island. Small Putuo is really small, the island in addition to selling all kinds of snacks no more. South Shao style Island okay, you can stroll for a while. Boat ride in Erhai Lake, still quite comfortable.

Tidy up, starting to stroll the ancient city. The ancient city of Lijiang is more prosperous than Dali, the development of commercialization is better. A sentiment and literary atmosphere of the shop is also quite a lot of nothing to pick a leisurely sit in the afternoon is not bad. 
Sifangjie block nearby to sell all kinds of snacks, the taste is OK. Try this to taste it, lunch will be solved.

Day 6

Just dawn to go by car, originally thought that the bus set is a bus, did not expect to be a commercial vehicle, good conditions. The driver is very good, responsible for explaining all the way to the attractions will stop for pictures, like this one. Car technology in general people do not consider driving to Lugu Lake, especially starting from Lijiang this line, the mountain is too difficult to go, take a look at what is eighteen mountain bend.


Halfway down will stop at a place for everyone to eat. It should be negotiated with the drivers, and basically every car will stop here. Originally thought that the dinner is pit father. Did not think it is delicious, but not expensive. 
Finally arrived, the scenery is really beautiful, ah, more than five hours worth of the car. Looking at the lake in the past is like a painting.

Sumptuous dinner went to Tashi home. Eat barbecue. Taste so good that we came again the next day, haha. 
The residents of Lugu Lake here are the Mosuo, the Mosuo are matriarchal, and the female is the head of the family. But also the custom of walking, as for what is going to marry Well, to say it more complicated, or interested to ask the degree of mother. According to Tashi himself, he and more than 200 women go through marriage, but I think it is bragging. Look at the pictures of a young man, looks good. Tashi's wife not much to say, but looks very special leadership style. Eyes, demeanor of what is particularly the style of Sadak Baleri Rana Mo Lutheran. Want to shoot her, but unfortunately sorry, hey ~

Sleep a lazy feeling. Get up and take a car back to Lijiang. On the way back to eat in that house, for a few days did not eat cooking, it is miss you. 
To Lijiang, first to find a pub, went out to pick a home travel agency reported two days to Shangri-La's mission. We reported that 580 a person, according to later experience, reported how much the regiment are the same, anyway, after getting on the bus tour guides will do their best to allow you to make up the difference. 
Yes, buy more dry food, with the group eat too bad food, a little oil and water are not.

Day 9

Guided tours to Shangri-La are basically local Tibetans, more bold and bold. Ask you to collect money is also very straightforward, ha ha. So, how much money is reported about the group, less paid on the car will slowly fill up drops. Had Tiger Leaping Gorge trip on foot, unfortunately it rained that day, so canceled. More time to guide you take the grasslands to play will be. The first day of the trip is basically the ancient city of Moonlight, prairie, Tibetans home visit, of course, there are up to the car, ha ha. Tibetans home visit or you can go, the atmosphere is good, after all, out of play is a happy thing ~ As for what yak meat casually eat, do not hold too much hope, the meat is half-baked.

The day is not yet bright, set to go to the Pudacuo set. On the road will be a variety of scare you guide, say what altitude reaction, let you buy oxygen cylinders. In fact, not so terrible, anyway, I basically have no feeling. But just in case, it is best to buy a bottle of preparation. A girl who went to the same with the gas will not work, our oxygen basically gave him a suction, ha ha.

Overall, Pudacuo landscape is still very good drops. But personally feel that the time with the group really is too tight, taking care of the way along the way, not how to take a good tour. Go back to myself ~


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