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Time Goes By, Chengdu, Huanglong, Leshan Buddha




longing for the land of the land of abundance, not only because of its paradise, Casual people, kind and honest custom. Finally, in a certain year of the Qingming Festival, embarked on a road to Bashu, the main play 6 days, package round-trip time. Chengdu 1 day, Huanglongxi town 1 day, Mount Emei two days, climb for two days, ride down the mountain, then Leshan Giant Buddha scenic day, starting from Wuhan, had four men, behind the encounter two women, Play together, 1700 per capita.
Wuhan departure, lasted 17 hours hard seat finally to Chengdu. Chengdu, the first impression, the economy should be better than Wuhan, but not Wuhan, also like the rhythm of life in Chengdu
Jinli was the oldest in West Shu history, the most commercial atmosphere of the streets, as early as the Qin and Han Dynasties, the Three Kingdoms The period will be known throughout the country. Today's Jinli relies on the Wuhou Temple in Chengdu, expanding the cultural extension of the Three Kingdoms with the spirit of the Qin and Han dynasties and the Three Kingdoms as the soul, the outward appearance of the Ming and Qing dynasties, and the folk customs and customs of Western Sichuan. On this street, the essence of life in Chengdu is concentrated: there are restaurants, pubs, bars, theaters, snacks, handicrafts and souvenirs, fully demonstrating the unique charm of the three cultures and folk customs in Sichuan. In Jinli, there is always a place for your soul.

Jing Li
Chengdu, the first stop, including Jinli and wide alley, the two scenic areas in general, that is, you can play or shopping. Slowly go, look carefully, an array of shops, chic fine products, distinctive, colorful. Paper-cut, painting, Shadowgraph, ceramics. . . People into the old days of Chengdu
walk in the alley in Jinli, accidentally so into the Dai Wangshu's "Rain Lane" into a home to follow me wandering horizon original landscape
Although Jinli is a copy of the modern For architecture, copy is also a heritage. The accent can not be copied, spicy string is not required to copy, simple and elegant atmosphere does not need to be copied.
All those belong to the essence of the non-material culture in Jinli do not need to be copied. They are authentic, just by borrowing this simulation building, it will be alive.

Looking up from afar, the red silk lanterns radiate a warm red, a string of strings, rows, pieces. High and low dotted on both sides, warm yet warm, modern and no lack of simplicity. Quiet bluestone road, twists and turns, was years of grinding a smooth shallow pace, glowing faint light, it seems that the passage of time laments.

Narrow alley
Jinli and Kuanzhai Alley each spent two hours to stroll, sleep well at night, after all, the train did not sleep well, another day

Huanglongxi town
We can not enrich others 'lives with others' experiences. Even so, I still like the encounter of this glittering figure, they always make me think that everyone's life is so different, there are innumerable possibilities of life. Went to different places, looked at different landscapes, knew the difference is, sentiment of a different life. Travel, is to constantly recognize the new crowd, come to a meeting in the
second place had wanted to go to Dujiangyan, Qingchengshan. But moving tickets have been bought, no way had to go to Huanglongxi town. There are 4 ancient towns near Chengdu, Pingle, Huanglongxi, Shangli and Luodai. We pick a to

Huanglong Town is located in Chengdu Shuangliu County, southwestern prefecture River, Lu River Interchange; is a beautiful, historic and has a strong cultural heritage of the western Sichuan water town, has a wealth of natural landscape resources and cultural tourism Resources. Huanglongxi existing town houses mostly Ming and Qing dynasties buildings, the main street paved by stone, on both sides of the cornices Qiaojiao bar-type stilts floor.
The most distinctive ancient town is the teahouse, on both sides of the road, on the embankment, bamboo forest, "one" word launched bamboo, bamboo chairs, bamboo stools, and colorful umbrellas, become an attractive town scenery .
However, commercialization is still a bit heavy, as a whole as a matter of fact, after all, there are rivers, a sense of history, a gourmet
42 km to Huanglongxi. New South Gate and Chadianzi bus station has a daily number of shuttle bus to Huanglongxi, New South Gate Bus Terminal can take the train to

Huanglongxi Huanglongxi town to play the same day to go back to Chengdu the same day, after all, is not great. Have not been to any ancient town, this time here or refreshing. .
Here from the Chengdu near, go to the people may be a bit more, it is best to pick non-holidays, the other heard Pingle ancient town should be more fun than this
trip, and sometimes just to make their lives a little more chance to break the static law of life

The characteristic of a noodle is that "there is only one noodle in a bowl, and the pot is also a noodle." How long and how long a noodle is? "The noodles are smooth and tender, and the more they chew, the more they chew! The essence of a face is to eat the taste of noodles rather than the taste of spices! Even without Shazi (Halogen), the taste is delicious! A face to eat is also very particular about: you must grab a long face from scratch to eat, if the big folder to the mouth of the plug, is absolutely not taste! This unique pasta can only eat Huanglongxi town, so folk have been circulating "do not eat a surface, in vain to Huanglongxi" argument!

Cliff stone
The third station, the new South Gate Terminal early in the morning on Mount Emei, is also the largest destination to Sichuan
Cliff for Mount Emei the largest eco-tourism Square, located next to the yoga path, north of the top of the red beads, Yoga River from the side Flow slowly, add a quiet and elegant. Cliff Stones, "China's First Mountain" and "mountain leaders" nine red characters, marked Emei Mountain in China's prominent position in the world, to show the world the natural and cultural charm of Mount Emei. The celebrity quotations arranged around the site represent the evaluation of the "first mountain" of Emei by different people in the Wei, Jin, Yuan, Ming and Qing Dynasties.

It is just rain climbing, saw the Emei rainy season water spread, deep green side of the forest
Pure Yang Temple

Natural ecological monkey area
Mount Emei Monkey is the elves of Mount Emei, playful naughty, funny and extremely human, not surprisingly, playing with people, fun with others, to bring visitors a lot of fun to become a live landscape Emei. Play with the monkey group, feed the monkeys, watch them in different poses and with different attitudes, understand their habits, with their intimate contact, become a tourist to Mount Emei tourism indispensable items. Emei Ecological Monkey District is located in Emeishan voice pavilion, first-line Tianzhong to Hong Chun Ping between, for a long gorge, covering 25 hectares, is currently China's largest natural ecological monkey protected areas. There are currently over 300 wild monkey families in the eco-monkey area.

Ninety-nine roundabout
Sometimes we choose to change, not thoughtfully, but more like hearing the call of heaven and earth, calling you to go to another place and live another life. You may find that the world on the other side of the mountain does not eat human beasts, but it is full of phoenix flowers everywhere in your hometown; people there are mostly corn-based food, but every dish is indispensable to your most familiar green Lemons; you met someone there, his skin look completely different from you, but you have a surprising understanding and the same soul. You do not necessarily have a better life from now on, but you are still grateful for the changes and happenings brought about by heaven and earth.
Climb Mount Emei Shan Road, far, climb to 2500 meters above sea level, or even under the snow from the goose down, deserved to be "a mountain has four seasons, ten different days." We went up from the spring, up to the cool autumn, and then we were on a cold winter's day. . . Winter climbing is really cool ah

Ten square Samantabhadra icon
Jinding Buddha Golden Buddha gold cast bronze statues craft statues, pass 48 meters high, the total weight of 660 tons, from the seat and the ten square Samantabhadra composition. Golden statue pass 48 meters high, a symbol of Amitabha 48 great wishes. Among them, the pedestal height of 6 meters, 27 meters in length and width, surrounded by engraved Samantabhadra ten kinds of general will. The external use of granite relief decoration, like the Shifang Samantabhadra 42 meters high and weighs 350 tons, the whole statue as the perfect design, exquisite workmanship, called the cast bronze plastic masterpieces, with high cultural value and aesthetic value Is the crystallization of the wisdom of artists across the Taiwan Strait.

A man, with enough mountains and stories in his heart, can go further with loved ones. Money will be there, the cause will be, but my youth will not be there. I have always believed in one sentence: reading or traveling, body and soul, there is always one on the road.

Frozen summit road

Emei Jinding and Emei Peak adjacent to the top of Wanfo, 3079.3 meters above sea level, where high mountains and low clouds, magnificent scenery, visitors can enjoy the steep Shevitan rock sunrise, sea of ​​clouds, Buddha light, the holy lights of the four wonders. If the weather is clear, but also overlooking hundreds of miles away Gongga Xuefeng. Jinding is located in the alpine zone, tourists should pay attention to cold, infirm should not stay. Buddha light, sea of ​​clouds, holy lights, is the Emei Golden Summit three natural wonders. Seeing the light at Jinding overlooking the stage, the stage white clouds tiled, the sun shining on the clouds, showing a bright colorful halo, usually called "Buddha light", it is said that the film into the Buddha light can be auspicious, hence the name of the Golden Summit Cheung Kwong. Sea of ​​clouds is another spectacle of Emei Golden Summit. Whenever the sky is clear, the deep valleys rise, filled with withered rocks before, thicker and thicker, look endless. Emei Zhu Feng peak in the vast sea of ​​clouds like an island. Such as the air without wind, cloud-like mirror, silent, as if exposure to Penglai Wonderland. In case of wind, sea of ​​clouds tumbling, like a horse galloping, magnificent, very spectacular. Dark night on the moon, rock under the rocks can sometimes see a mysterious Saint lamp. In fact, the holy lamp is neither from the hell, nor from the gods, but due to the phosphine in nature produced by combustion. Emei Mountain to the Buddhist culture and unique charm of the scenery, attracting tourists Quartet, bringing people into the wonderful state of that magnificent show.

Emei Jinding finally climbed to eight at night, still live in Jinding one night. This is the third morning Jinding beautiful scenery, saw the Emei sea of ​​clouds, Buddha light, this way hard true value ah!

Samantabhadra is one of the Four Bodhisattvas in China's Mahayana Buddhism. Mostly regarded as a symbol of the ethics, morality of the Buddha. Mount Emei is Samantabhadra Taoist temple. Samantabhadra gold magnificent ah, and the other wonders of Mount Emei is also worthy of praise

, I climbed many mountains, Hengshan Nanyue, Xiyue Huashan, Dongyue Taishan, Taoist Wudang first mountain, one of the four famous Buddhism Emei, as well as such as Lishan War princes, Song Mountain in Zhong Yue and so on. One of the most fun, the deepest impression or number of Emei

The sporadic snow gradually linked to form a large piece of snow blankets, covering the entire forest, a silver mountain. I do not know when the rain shy hide, flying snowflakes, elegant in the air in the chic, Juan Juan dance. So the top of Emei is shrouded in mist and blizzard, so that you feel as if in

Leshan Giant Buddha Scenic Area
Emeishan mountain went straight to Leshan Giant Buddha away, due to the time, there is no climb down, or else it is two days and one night, take the bus directly to the transfer station down a half hour. Yamashita bus to Leshan Giant Buddha, of course, can also raise chartered to go.
Here is another famous landscape - Leshan Giant Buddha, also known as Lingyun Buddha, is located in Leshan, Sichuan Province, China, Minjiang River, Qinghai River and Dadu River convergence, and across the river from Leshan City. Leshan Giant Buddha carving in the Minjiang River, Qingyi River and Dadu confluence on the rock wall, according to the southern bank of Lingyun Mountain Qixia Peak Linjiang cliff chiselled and became the Maitreya Buddha statue, is the Tang Dynasty, one of the finest art of rock statues, is the world's largest Stone Buddha Maitreya sit.
Leshan Giant Buddha Scenic Area includes Leshan Giant Buddha, Ling Pagoda, Lingyun Temple, sea division hole, nine - Lingyun Plank, giant sleeping Buddha, Oriental Buddha, Buddhist paradise, Ma Hau Cliff, Wuyou Mountain. Chen Yunhe "Leshan Giant Buddha" in the poem that "the mountain is a Buddha worship, solemn Buddha is a magnificent hill looking up, Wei Wei Wei."
In Leshan Buddha head can accommodate more than a dozen people sitting above the ear gap can be two people, feet close to ten feet apart, the two men and then the Buddha is not as long as a toe, a person standing foot also failed High above the foot. Looking across the river, in order to watch the whole picture of the Buddha.

I have a lot of feelings for Sichuan, until one day old safely, sitting on their own sofa. At that time bitter forced not to recall, when the Niubi no longer mention. We just lay, do not do anything. Let those old memories take us back to the past, come back in the fold adventure. I think this is the best life ever.

This is very narrow road between the nine songs, please slow down, through this winding path, down to the Buddha's foot


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