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Dream of Rain and frost, Tongli Town in Jiangsu




business trip to Wujiang on Thursday, Friday morning after all the affairs, lunch, set foot on the journey home. On the way to Wujiang Bus Station, listening to my colleagues said that Tongli Town belongs to Wujiang District of Suzhou City. This ancient town, which has only been known for its name, has aroused great interest in me. After 3 minutes of war between nature and mankind, I decided to take the opportunity to see. So, at the Wujiang bus station, I did not buy back the ticket in Shanghai, but to a fare 3 yuan to the same ticket, went straight to this beautiful Jiangnan town. Waiting time, easily check the Raiders, set a hotel. At 12:35 pm, I embarked on my first trip in my life with excitement. 

The following is a two-day trip I plan to wait for time, in fact, the basic is the essence of Raiders Raiders in the second day of travel, except the next afternoon, Xiao Austin Lake Forest Park did not intend to go, the other did not change. 
Tongli Town - Chongben Hall - Jiayin Hall - 
Reminiscence Garden - Chinese Culture Museum - Three Bridge Scenic Area DAY2: Xingluo 
Island - Shanghai The 

next two days I completed all the scheduled goals, take-away went Some planned attractions. According to my own practice, I have to say that the originally arranged itinerary is still more reliable. However, I am not surprised by the unexpected planned attractions that I have sprung up. 

Tongli Town - Chongben Church - Jiayin Church - Reflective Park - Chinese Culture Museum - Three Bridge Scenic Area 
From Wujiang to Tongli, less than half an hour's drive. After I got out of the car I started confused, from the same bus station to the area how to go? No map, no obvious signs, only a large pile of tricycle driver around you ask whether to go to the area. Inexplicable feel disgusted. Rejected the enthusiastic driver, followed by several seemingly tourists girl, walked up. The girls did not live up to my expectations and took me all the way to their destination. OHYEAH! The 

first stop, hotel.

I booked the hotel is the same Lane Enze Hall Inn, specific address in Wujiang City, Wujiang City, Tongli Town, 23 West Street (Ogawa East Road near Zhongchuan Road). However, this address is not much use in the same address, the map is only printed in the back of the ticket that super mini version, the road names are not clear. I spent 3 seconds to give up their own ideas, call the hotel to ask it. I told the boss I was in the ancient town entrance, the boss said cheerfully she will send someone to pick me up. 13:15, completed check in, arrived at the hotel.

Buy a ticket at the ticket center, the price of 100 yuan. (In fact, as long as the Internet to order 80 to, painful TT) and then that they want to spend the night in the ancient town, with ID card staff will stamp a chapter on the ticket, with this chapter tickets valid for two days. Ticket, admission.

The second stop, Chongben Church. 

Slight adjustment in the hotel, put down the laptop backpack, put on the phone, banknotes and tickets, go out! Then I sad reminder found that it was raining! TT okay. Take another umbrella. The process of finding Chongben Church is very tortuous. I hold a walk in the water along the river is not bad mood, along with the timeless signs along the way and the little seemingly small map, around the town in more than half an hour, and finally at After passing through his door for the third time, she found that the Marriage Museum was a temple of worship. Orz into the worship of the main gate is a beautiful red maple. Continue to go inside, the introduction of the exhibition hall is about the ancient local wedding custom, not too much interest simply glanced. Compared to the marriage customs or simple architecture more attractive to me.

I have learned good, asked directly. Orz Here can be said to be the same signs in the attractions, the same ticket is printed on the back garden scenery here, it is said there are many TV series was shot here. Wulin foreign filming place, remember Shen Lang and Panda children is playing in this place.

At this point, my first solo trip came to an end in the hazy Luoxingzhou. 

Practical tips Raiders, transport, accommodation, catering, precautions 
(A) Expenses 
Tickets: 100 
Accommodation: 260 
Tickets: 3 (Wujiang - Tongli) +5 (coach) +33 (Tongli - Shanghai) = 41 
Food: 124 (Including dinner on the first day and breakfast on the second day) 
Total: 525 
(二) Transportation 
1. There are a lot of buses in Tongli to Shanghai, and it takes 33 hours and 2 hours to reach Shanghai Terminus. 
2. Tongli area is not large, basically no transport, the basic 11 Road. Hard to say is the boat, but this boat is still more entertaining nature. 
3. Tongli Bus Station, Tongli Scenic Area and Luoxingzhou Ferry Coach stop, no matter where are 5 yuan one-way ticket. Waiting for a slightly longer time, but you can save a lot of physical strength, after all, from the bus station to the area to walk, then about 20 minutes. In addition, Luo Xingzhou Ferry is relatively close to the bus station, so try to arrange Luo Xingzhou at the beginning of the trip or the end of it. 
(C) accommodation 
Also mentioned in the text, I set is grace Church, modern bed room. The room is small, not breakfast, but wifi free. 
To the price of 260, the cost is not high, but look at it in the scenic area, the location is not bad on the part, considered okay. 
(D) Catering 
1. With a lot of cafes, tea rooms, mood is good. Get tired at any time can find one, a cup of favorite drinks, find a place to rest. 
2. Bridge near a large number of restaurants, the price is not cheap, very general dishes, that is, eat an environment. 
(E) Precautions
1. You want to send a postcard comrades note, Cats empty let him help you posting is 4.8, of which 2 yuan postcards, 0.8 yuan stamps, there are 2 yuan Well, huh, huh. In fact, the same area with postbox, pay attention to find out, no need to waste money, especially if you have to send a lot. 
2. Tickets can be purchased online, cheaper than directly at the ticket center 20.


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