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Wuyuan tour in 2 days




Part1 Itinerary: Li Hang - Jiangling - Xiaoqi Village - Jiangwan - Wolong Valley
Part2 Practical Raiders: expenses, transportation, accommodation, precautions

Tips: friends have been to Wuyuan know , Wuyuan mainly divided into two main lines of travel, east and north, are available in Wuyuan Laobin Station car, a lot of trips, of course, chartered and the friction is also a good choice.

The first day of Li pit

prelude: Wuyuan, Wuyuan, Wuyuan said that it is both familiar and unfamiliar, because Wuyuan is not far from my home, the same city, strange that is because these two decades have not been to , This year before Qingming set foot on this place for the first time. Wuyuan actually still have to mention one thing, No. 2 I just returned from Shangrao in Shenzhen, met on the train like to travel in the cold sister, she would like to see Wuyuan flowers, we also made an appointment to play together, because time In a hurry I sent her in advance to get in the car, and I was at home for a day, planning to go on the 3rd. Wuyuan: No. 3 was originally the 7 o'clock car, the result was opened until 8 o'clock, the best plan to take the high speed into a national road, sad reminders I arrived at noon until 12 o'clock.

Into Li pit first into the eye of a canola flower rape flowers to enhance the interest of each tourist. Li Hang's bridges, and Jiangsu and Zhejiang over the water is different here, the commercialization of relatively light here. Although not yet clear, but people have been very much, to be honest, many of them are playing SLR, just play for me, beginners, countless knowledgeable. Wuyuan as a village with Jiangsu and Zhejiang that the ancient town of different township economy comes from commercial, rural income by planting agriculture. The most beautiful rural Wuyuan attracted a large number of photographers at the same time, naturally, ultimately, a large number of sketching lovers. Li Hang is an ancient village inhabited by Li surname, 12 kilometers away from Wuyuan County. Li Hang's unique architectural style, is the famous Huizhou architecture. Give a quiet, peaceful atmosphere. Li pit ancient writing style flourishing, talented people.

Jiangling - flowering flowers have withered
Jiangling Xiao Ling from the south, east of Xitou, Wuyuan County is located in the northeast, Wuyuan is the most worth to go to. The first day due to a short time, played a pit Lee, the next day is the highlight, April 5 must go back to the grave, on the 4th I plan to play three attractions on the 3rd night living in Lee Hang dwelling Inside, 50 a night a bed, night with the cold sister there are other three sister eat together. For Jiangling fact, I have learned that there is no rape spent, but after going to know that has fallen so much, or a little disappointed, and now the flowering Wuyuan are generally mid-early March. Look down from the Jiangling this is a yellow rape flowers, a pity! The rape blossoms also a month, this figure is also considered love travel friends to be psychologically prepared!

Ming cup when you know, Oh mirror can be slightly cold. Foil mountain cherry cooked, Cui Gui candle residue.
Booker to report late, dreams even more difficult. Affect lose double butterfly, over old 畹 Lan.
To finish Jiangling, went straight to dawn, black car 5 is not expensive

Jiangwan (once again ride)
Xiaoqi not far from the Bay of Rivers, but I took the half-way ride to Jiangwan, is the vehicle Pickup, which inevitably reminds me of the ride to Lhasa in 2012, Jiangwan people feel too formal, in addition to the larger point, its characteristics than Lee Hang, Xiaoqi, thinking extension and other places.

Wolong Valley
This is a leaping back this time, the Wolong Valley in the northernmost northern line, from the east to the northern line of the moment, very catch up, but still hard to beat me, the fastest speed, I went to Wolong Valley. Wolong Valley good natural environment, natural oxygen bar, mainly to see some big and small waterfalls. Dalaoshan Wolong Gu up to 96.7% of the forest coverage of the entire area into a natural oxygen bar. Coupled with the developers of the design of nature built thousands of meters reasonable and scientific and varied footprints, guardrail, embellishment of the clumsy journey, quaint tea kiosks, sophisticated stone house seems so close to life, close to nature. Wolong Valley, visiting the county directly to the last bus ride back to the city, the best car is four o'clock in the afternoon, but also the end of this time Wuyuan line.


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