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There is such a city, which has been hailed as the "Pearl of Taihu Lake" by the world. The Grand Canal passes through the city and is bred with its glorious history and beautiful present. There is such a city, the tin opera sings and the Buddha's voice of Lingshan, with the second spring. The tunes of Yingyue seem to be in the ocean of art; there is such a city, sauce ribs, oil gluten, dumplings, and those familiar snacks are sublimated here; this is - Wuxi, Jiangnan Smoke and rain, the vastness of the Taihu Lake, the bottom of the canal is integrated. There is such a hotel, it seems that there is a kind of intersection, it is difficult to use words to describe, only to walk in, it will be deeply intoxicated; there is such a hotel, you do not want to go home, do not want to live, really make you tempted and praise An endless experience; there is such a hotel that creates a heavenly sanctuary with a height that is close to the width of nature and the taste of casual taste.

and I stayed in Meihaolizhi hotel in wuxi

and here're pictures of Wuxi museum

Another Ancient Canal Museum, which records the changing times of the canal, perhaps a history of canals and half of Chinese history, I believe that here you will find the shadow you like.


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