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Longquan temple in Taishan restored and redecorated



Let's show you some eye-catching Tang style, which are all Taishan Longquan Temple.

I have mentioned it a few times before, most of the high-grade buildings in the Tang Dynasty were red and green, and the most unsatisfactory should also be painted white. However, nowadays, the domestic imitation of Tang is prevalent in chocolate and plain wood, and it is not easy to see one painted with Zhu Zhu, let alone adopt a full set of color paintings, but Longquan Temple did it, and the murals and statues are top domestic standards. If the Tang artisans saw it, they would also admire it. Because the whole temple is located on the mountain, the environment is beautiful, the patchwork is correct, the momentum is quite good, the layout is quite satisfactory, in other words, it is very classic, very close to the layout of some Tang Dynasty temples on the Dunhuang frescoes, this set down, really let People feel that the ancient buildings on the Dunhuang frescoes are rebuilt in the world.


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