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Zhangjiajie Guidebook (ONLY FOR PREVIEW)




To download a completed and good one, click here, it's free to download, with more detailed information, more photos and maps. We will check the guidebook every month to make sure every information is right. Here is just our first edition of Zhangjiajie, so, if you want to get a new one, download a Zhangjiae Guidebook in PDF please. If you like it, leave us a favor. Thank you.

1. BriefIntroduction(esp. ethnicity)
   Climate(Clothing& Preparation)
   Peak Season
   Best Season
A paradise ofnature
2. Sights
Wulingyuan Scenic Area ( 武陵源风景区)  
Route 1.  Zhangjiajie National Forest Park (张家界国家森林公园)
1.        Huangshizhai (黄石寨)
2.        Golden Whip Stream (金鞭溪)
3.         Yaozizhai (鹞子寨)
4.         Bailong Elevator (百龙天梯)
Route 2.Yuanjiajie (袁家界)
1.    Halleluiah (Avatar) Mountains (乾坤柱)
Route 3.  Yangjiajie (杨家界)
1.    Tianbo Mansion (天波府)
2.     Wulong Village (乌龙塞)
3.    Corridor in the Cliffs (空中走廊)
4.     One step to Heaven (一步登天)
Route 4.Tianzi Mountain Nature Reserve (天子山自然保护区)
1.    Grand Sightseeing Platform (大观台)
2.    Shentang Gulf (神堂湾)
Route 5.Suoxiyu Nature Reserve (索溪峪自然保护区)
1.    West Sea  (西海)
2.    Tenli (Ten-mile) Gallery (十里画廊)
3.    Yellow Dragon Cave (黄龙洞)
4.    Bao Feng Lake (宝峰湖)
5.     Cross of FourStreams (水绕四门)
6.     Baizhang  Canyon (百丈峡)
Route 6. Suburbs and Excursion: (市郊及周边):
1.     Tianmen Mountains (天门山)
Route 7. Cili county (慈利县):
1.    Zhangjiajie Grand Canyon (张家界大峡谷)
2.    Zhangjiajie Glass Bridge (张家界玻璃桥)
Route 8. Yongdingqu,Zhangjiajie city (永定区,张家界市)
1.     Zhangjiajie Tujia Folk Custom Park  (张家界土司城)

3.     Eating
   Food: Kiwi Fruit
        腌萝卜/ 菜
Where to eat

4.     Entertainment
Amphitheater performance

5.     Sleeping
International Hostels

6.     Shopping
Where to buy
Tips: Bargaining

7.     Transportation

Arriving and Departing
City Transportation

8.     Maps
9.     Notes
Currency (ATM, Banking)
Learn Some Chinese
Travel Safety tips


1.    Brief
Zhangjiajie is aprefecture-level city of China’s Hunan province. It is the most famous for itsWulingyuan Scenic Area, which contains geography, broad forests, rich naturalresources, wild animals, and beautiful scenery. The Zhangjiajie National ForestPark inside of Wulingyuan, which was founded in 1982, is the very firstnational park of China. Wulingyuan Scenic Area was recognized by the UNESCO asa World Heritage in 1992 and a World Geopark for its singular landform andimportant meaning to human beings.
    Zhangjiajie is also a destination for extremesports lovers around the globe. Activities and contests of BMX(bicyclemotocross), bungee jumping and especially wingsuit flying are held regularly inZhangjiajie.
About the Tujiapeople: Around 70% of the population in Zhangjiajie belong to an ethnicminority of China called the Tujia people. Different from the Han Chinese whoare the ethnic majority of China, the Tujia people speak a different languageand have very different culture and customs. Today, as communications amongcultures become more frequent and economy develops, most Tujia people haveadopted modern life styles and speak mandarin. However, in Zhangjiajie, you maystill see them presenting their cultures proudly to tourists.


    Zhangjiajie has a mild, humid climate withabundant precipitation and sunlight. Heavy wind and frost are frequent.
    Tips about clothing*: The Scenic Area inmountain is usually 10 degree Celsius lower than Zhangjiajie down town.Remember to bring yourself wearing with long sleeves if you are going to themountains. Also, mind the slippery ground after rain and consider if you need apair of antiskid shoes. Sunscreen, raincoat, or umbrella might also be neededduring rain seasons.

Peak Season:May holiday, July, August, October holiday.
     BestSeason: Spring and Autumn. The flowers in spring and reap fruits in autumn areamazing while winter is less comfortable but the snow sights are beautiful.

2.     Sights
1.     WulingyuanScenic Area (武陵源风景区)
Wulingyuanis a scenic and historical area that was inscribed as a UNESCO World HeritageSite in 1992. It is located in northwest of Hunan Province in central China. Itconsists of Zhangjiajie National Forest Park, Suoxiyu Nature Reserve, TianziMountain Nature Reserve and Yangjiajie Scenic Area. Itis noted for more than 3,000 quartzite sandstone pillarsand peaks across most of the site, many over 200 metres (660 ft) inheight, along with many ravines and gorges with attractive streams, pools,lakes, rivers and waterfalls.It features 40 caves,many with large calcite deposits, and two natural bridges, Xianrenqiao (Bridgeof the Immortals) and Tianqiashengkong (Bridge Across the Sky).
Official website:
Address: Wulingyuan Scenic area,Zhangjiajie City, Hunan Province, 湖南省张家界市武陵源区军地坪武陵源风景名胜区内
Ticket price:
RMB 248 (4 days)
RMB 298 (1 week)
Tips*: Free entry for children below 4.3feet (1.3 meters).
1.       The admission fee(valid for 4 days) includes Zhangjiajie NationalForest Park, Tianzi Mountain Nature Reserve, Suoxi Valley NatureReserve and Yangjiajie Scenic Area.  
2.       Tourists can pay extraRMB 3 to buy the insurance.
Openingtime:07:00– 18:00
Transportation:  Take regulartourist bus from Zhangjiajie Central Bus Station (near Zhangjiajie Railway Station) to WulingyuanScenic Area every a few minutes and the bus journey takes about 40 minutes. Busfare is around RMB 12.
Recommended timefor visit: 3-6 days


2.    RouteNo.1: Zhangjiajie National Forest Park
Zhangjiajie National Forest Park is the first national park of Chinawhich was approved by the State Council in 1982. It is located in the northwestof Wulingyuan District, Zhangjiajie National Forest Park is in the neighborhoodof Suoxiyu Scenic Spot and Tianzi Mountain. The area covers 480 thousand square meters.

It is located 32 kilometers from urban cityZhangjiajie. The park has main scenic spots that are open to visitors.

vHuangshizhai (黄石寨)
Yellow Stone Stronghold(Huangshizhai) is located on the west of the park. The Yellow Stone Village is one of the five classictourist routes in Wulingyuan Scenic Area. It provides the largest collection ofmarvelous spectacles and also the largest sightseeing terrace in Zhangjiajie.Occupying an area of 41 acres and 1,200 meters above the sea level, thisstronghold is the largest observing spot of the forest park. Hence, there is a saying: It can't besaid that you have been to Zhangjiajie without visiting the Yellow StoneVillage.
Main spots: Treasure Box of Heavenly Books (天书宝匣), the Magic Sea , Needle Peak (定山神针), the South Pillar of Heaven (南天一柱), Five-Finger Peak and so on
Cable car fare:
RMB 65for single trip
RMB 118for round trip
1.       Walk around 2 hours to get to the place.
2.       Take a cable car round trip.
Recommended time for visit: 2,5-3 hours

v GoldenWhip Stream (金鞭溪)


GoldenWhip Stream is located on the northeast of Zhangjiajie National park, 5.7 km long in total. It is named after the380-meter high Golden Whip Rock, the Golden Whip Stream meanders 7.5 kilometerswhich flows in a beautiful canyon between steep grotesque peaks and luxurianttrees. There are meandering streams, crystal-clear waterfalls, exotic plants,rare animals. No wonder it is called "the most beautiful valley in theworld" and "the most poetic stream". Passing through themountains and valleys, the stream is clear, waxed and waned, little fishswimming. The park is a great place to escape the summer heat, and it is anatural oxygen bar.
Main spots: the Welcoming Guests Rock, Golden Whip Rock (金鞭岩), Reunion Rock and the Purple Grass Pond.
Transportation: from the parkentrance 300 meters to get to Jinbian Stream.
Recommended time for visit: 2,5 hours
1. This area is cooler than the other part of Zhangjiajiebecause there are lots of trees to prevent heat from you. But it will make youfeel cold sometimes, so it is better totake some long-sleeves shirts or coats.
2. If you plan to catch the most beautiful scene here,you can choose a fine day after therain. The misty Zhangjiajie will lead you enter into a fairy landimmediately.

v Yaozizhai(鹞子寨)

Yaozizhai (Yaozi Fort) is located in the northeast part of the park, itfaces the Yellow StoneVillage. It's one of the three important scenic spots in Zhangjiajie NationalForest Park. The path has been rebuilt well in Yaozi Fort, although lesstourists of group tour visit there, it’s a best place for trekking tour.
It was formerly called as Yaozizhai,Jiegong Mountain, and turned its name into Yaozizhai in 2003. Its major scenicspots include Cengyan yongta, Pointing to our mountains and rivers, Topplingthe mountains and overturning the seas, Towering aloft, eagle mouth, SuobiaoRock and Fairy Cave, and 64 generals named 39 scenic spots.
Recommended time for visit: 2 – 5 hours


v BailongElevator (百龙天梯)

ZhangjiajieBailong Elevator, is a glass elevator built on the side of a huge rock in theWulingyuan in Zhangjiajie, 1070 ft (330m) high, the construction of the Bailonglift began in October 1999, and was open to the public in 2002. Claimed to be the world’s tallest glass elevator,Bailong Elevator is built onto the side of a huge cliff in Zhangjiajie andtakes you a whopping 1,070 feet high. It is the highest outdoor elevator in theworld and it has three Guinness world Records i.e. World’s tallestfull-exposure outdoor elevator, world’s tallest double-deck sightseeingelevator and world’s fastest passenger traffic elevator with biggest carryingcapacity but due to the potential harm caused to the surrounding landscape, itsfuture remains uncertain.
Elevator fare:
RMB 72 for single trip
RMB 144 for round trip
Transportation: Take free green car from the spot“Cross of Four Streams” to Bailong Elevator
Recommended time for visit: 30 minutes


3.       Route No.2: Yuanjiajie (袁家界)
It is located


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