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What happened in Mount Kailash?




In Chinese, Mount Kailash is spelled "Gang Renboqi", a similar spelling of Tibetan pronunction གངས་རིན་པོ་ཆེ Gnag Rinpoche. It's one of the four Holy Mounts in China. The other three are Meili Snow Mountains, Alimaqin Mountains, and Gaduojuewo. Meili and Kailash are still known to the world now. Most people visit Meili through Yunnan province, though part of Meili is located in Tibet. However, in the mind of Tibetan, as I know, Mount Kailash is the holiest mountain ever. Why?

In the first time, I heard a story. There is a saying. If you hike in a circle around the Kailash, any circle is ok, just keep on walking, if you do that, you will be blessed by the real god.

The true history is, in the year of 840, the last Zanpu (Btsan po, King) of Tibet, Langdama, started to ban the Buddhism, and extended local religion Bonismo. Then the Buddhist monks all fought back. In the year of 842, Landama, the king was killed by a known monk in a sneak attack when they are visiting the stela in Jokhang Temple. As Jokhang Temple was built for the Buddha statue of China Tang dynasty which was taken to Tibet by Chinese princess Wengheng, so princess Wengcheng was also slandered as a Raksasi devil by local region Bonismo. After the king was killed, Tibet went into a period of chaos. The ancient kingdom was divided into several lands. The local region Bonismo and India Buddhism started a long war between each other. As the Buddhism in India began to fall too due to the rise of Islam and Hinduism, the Buddhism met its darkest period ever. It was going to be perished as China Tang dynasty was prohibiting Buddhism too during this period.

Relics of Guge Kingdom, 160KM from Mount Kailash, located in Zanda County now.

After Ladama was killed, one of his son escaped to Ngari, the long distant land nof Tibet, and built a new kingdom there, which is called the Guge Kingdom. The new king started to rebuild temples and Buddha statues. That's a new spring of Buddhism.

At the same time, other religions started to extend too. Almost every religious believer in Guge Kingdom found the unusual Mount Kailash just by looking at it. It's so different with a outline of Pyramid. Let along Kailash is the birthplace of the several major rivers in Pakistan, India, Nepal. There was almost a religious war between Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism, and Tibetan local religion Bonismo. 

The following king of Guge Kingdom was caught by a Islam country Geernuo. They asked Guge to change their king with gold, same weight of the king. But the king said, "I am too old. No need to rescue me. Use these gold to invite Master Atisha to develop Buddhism." Atisha is one of the most known Buddhist in Tibet history. Atisha was a Bangladesh monk. Atisha came to Tibet after being invited. Buddhism rose again.

BTW, Jainism also regard Kailash as the enlightenment place of creator Vardhamana Mahavira. The local Tibetan religion Bonismo also regards it as the original land and 360 gods of Bonismo live here.

There were lots of cruel conflicts when different religions fighting for Mount Kailash. In the year of 1093, Buddhist Milariba, and Bonismo Naruobenqiong have a ledgendary battle of wit. They set a climb competition figure out who get on the top of Kailash first. The winner can have the Mount Kailash. Bonismo Naruobenqiong rushed while Buddhist Milariba didn't move. When Bonismo Narubenqiong was almost reaching the top of Kailash, an unbelievable phenomenon happened. He found Buddhist Milarba was sitting on the top. He was too scared that he slid down, which left a huge gully on the surface of Mount Kailash.

Buddhism won this competition and then started their extention in Tibet. In the year of 1203, the last Buddhism temple, Vikramshila in India was destroyed by Islam army. Buddhism in the old India died out finally. But Buddhism was revived in Tibet, just at the foot of Mount Kailash.

Nowadays, there is no religious war anymore. And any believer from other religions can come to Mount Kailash, though it's still illegal to climb it.


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