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The world's deepest crater in Chongqing Fairy Mountain Park



This is the magic crater. I guess someone didn't know it before.

There is a path down to the bottom of the crater. It's totally a different scenery down under the mountain. Water drops when walking in it. It's a good choice to wait for the sun shinning right upon your face.

The local people calls it Tian(SKy) Ken(Hole), I think it gets the right name. It's so awesome!!! The official name of it is Tianken Three Bridges. Actually there are three small but natural stone bridges in the large hole. I like Tian Ken more. It's 666.2 meters deep, 626 meters in diameter, 100 million in capacity. But there is no need to worry about being flooded by water. There is another giant rift underground. The rain would flow away down into the deep of earth.

I know it from the hichina travelers. It's not far from the Chongqing downtown. It's Chongqing Fairy Mountain Park (Xiannv Mountain Park 仙女山), Wulong District, Chongqing City. The ticket price is 60 RMB per person. 30 RMB for a student with a student ID in China.

There is a square building deep inside at the bottom. Who built it in this place? I have no idea.

This is the magic road outside.

There are lots of buses back to Wulong District at the gate of the park. I can't wait to have the great Sichuan food. You should know a fact that Chongqing used to be a part of Sichuan Province long ago. So the food here is just same with the food in Sichuan.

Liang Mian, which should be translated as Cool Noodle. It costs me 6 RMB.

Fei Chang Rice Noodle 肥肠粉 is awesome too. But it smells strange, I think some guys just can't bear it. It's 9 RMB, cheap anyway. It‘s 20 RMB plus when I ate the same kind of Fei Chang Rice Noodle in Beijing.

And here comes the potato chips, 5 RMB.

A taxi takes me back to the Wulong Railway Station. Train ticket back to Chongqing Railway Station is 24 RMB. It runs for two hours. Time is just right.

I'm not going to write my Chongqing stories. It's better to read Chongqing guidebook yourself. I would write a detailed guidebook and draw a map for this amazing Sky Hole later if someone need it. Please leave me a reply if you need one.


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