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10 Black Techs used by Chinese in the coronavirus war




During the war against #Coronavirus, during this period, there were definitely more than ten black technologies exhibited by Chinese companies.

The health code is counted. Before going out, each community must open the way. A contactless inspection does reduce the risk of infection. One person, one yard, and the big data force behind it have liberated a large number of grassroots manpower.

Before the smart outbound robot came out, everyone in the mask was told that community members made more than 300 calls a day, and it took more than one minute for the robot to finish all the calls.

The drones were killed in a large area, and 600,000 square meters were completed in two hours. It was also able to put protective supplies for frontline police and those who couldn't control their love, which was probably the most recent time when many people were away from high-tech.

Epidemic robots help doctors to conduct unmanned consultations. Doctors' remote diagnosis and treatment of patients to avoid contact with cross-infection. In some places, robots are also used to deliver meals, medicines and things to the quarantine area.

The thermometer used to measure body temperature during SARS is still a thermometer. Now stations and airports have started using infrared thermal imaging thermometers, and the results are displayed in a few seconds. The inspected person can just walk by and keep a safe distance to reduce the risk of infection. shame.

The child's business is not a trivial matter. As soon as the school delays the opening of the cloud class, it becomes hot, but I didn't expect that the primary school students would give the online class a star. The ape is a little wronged.

Teleworking has made SOHO for the whole people. This powerful power paralyzed major office software for a short time on the first day.

The reading robot is absolutely superb. CT is one of the most important diagnostic methods for new coronary pneumonia. It directly caused the doctor's workload to fall asleep and fell asleep on the ground. This robot can give a diagnosis opinion immediately after viewing the film with an accuracy rate of 96%, which has eased a lot. Doctor's mental and physical stress eased a lot.

Many people do n’t know the epidemic information collection system. The Zhejiang Health and Health Commission ’s system is built in one day with the platform. It supports multi-department data import, grass-roots reporting, and local collection. It also frees up a lot of grass-roots manpower by filling in intelligent forms on its own.

The whole-genome detection and analysis platform shortens the original several hours of suspected gene analysis to half an hour, and can also detect virus mutations. Alibaba Cloud also announced that it will open all AI computing power to the world free of charge to rush time for researching drugs, developing vaccines and viruses.


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