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Chinese New Year with Family to Beijing Feel North in Flavor. Because Staying with Friends, Car Is Friends. So Save a Lot of Cost, Cost Concentrated on Gluttony on. New Year's Day Morning Take China Southern Airlines Airbus A380 Guangzhou to Beijing, 9 Point of Aircraft, Day Flight Comparison on Time, more than 12 Noon Arrive in Beijing. January 28 (New Year's Day)

Airbus A380 Come to a.

The Beijing airport, with Luggage And Found a Taxi, Straight to Live Place. ......

This Is We the following to Six Days in Beijing Home-

Beijing, the Capital of China, Everyone Has a "I Love Beijing Tiananmen" Complex, have Dreamed of Living in Legendary Forbidden City, within Everyone There A Belongs to Own Beijing, so I Came to Beijing to Give Your Heart a Break.

Tiananmen Here Witness the Establishment of the New China. Tiananmen Square Is the Symbol of Beijing, Is the Symbol of the Motherland AH, Chinese Representative Buildings, to Beijing a Must-Go Place. In Tiananmen Square, Far Can See Stand of the Tiananmen Gate, before in Textbooks, TV Has Made Numerous See Red Tower in Close Proximity, Haha; mao zhu xi xiang Hanging in Central, lined with Red And White "Long Live the People's Republic", "World People Long Live the Great Unity" Characters.

Morning Every Day and Evening, tiananmen Square Held a Grand Serious Movements Flag Ceremony, for Those First, watch a Flag Raising And Lowering Ceremony Is an Essential Thing.

Read Flag-Lowering Went to the Palace East Gate of Four Seasons China Fu Eat Duck.

on-Site Can Watch freshly Baked Duck

Duck Will Point, here Can Point Semi-of, Taste Good, Is Not Very Greasy.

Mustard wei Duck

Night Went to Water Cube, light Effect Quite Beautiful
beijing Must Go to Great Wall! Go to Most Classic of Badaling, Road Car Also Many.

Badaling Great Wall Mainly Climb North Great Wall, but Only to Eighth Floor, here Is High Point the

Today "True Ma" a Hand!

Residual Bridge ~ Old Summer Palace Prime Time, Garden with Nearly 200 Bridge. This Bridge for the Former a Cross-Xishi Arch Bridge, Now Only Residual Semi-a Single-Hole Stone Cambers. It Is Old Summer Palace Destroyed after Only of the Surviving Old Stone Bridges.

along Covered the Red Lanterns, festive Gas Divergent

Multi-Pity! Looking at Let People Painful Part !! Year Invaders Not Only Despoiled the Precious Historical Relics, And Mercilessly Put It into Ashes. Once Miracle And Mythical Yuanmingyuan Ruins, Only Duanyuancanbi, for Visitors to Pay.

Donglaishun instant-Boiled Mutton Characteristics: tan lu, Copper Pot, Water.

Its Lamb Fat but Not Oil, thin Rather than Firewood, a Rinse That Is Cooked, Long Rinse Not Old, Eat up Mutton Not Greasy, delicious.


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