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800m University Road, Wujiaochang-Style Back Garden, about a Week Not Heavy like!




Magic Amorous Charm, Was Never Reinforced Concrete High-Rise Buildings .. Often an Obscure Path, but Can Let Person Memorable! University Road, Begin Long Zhi Star Road, Stop at Jin Jian Road, More than 20 M Wide, Length Less than 1000 M, were Voted Shanghai "the Most Beautiful 12 Venues" One...

This Is a Full magic of the Magic xiao ma lu, various Market, Public Interest Fleas, Graffiti, Outdoor Movies, European Style Town Atmosphere, full Avenue Wen Qing, Sen Female, Food Goods, the Influx of People, And Ready You ~ For Food Goods Or Cleavage Sentiment Small Lovers, This Road Is Heaven! Whether International, Coffee Dessert, Or Chinese-Style Snacks, up to Western-Style Food Bar down to Wonton Noodles, everything Here!

Asia Highest wall Painting 46 M Giant Graffiti on University Avenue of Graffiti Many, but When It Comes to People the Most Amazing of, Belongs to It!

in Way to University And wade Road Intersection, such a 46 Metre-High Graffiti Wall, Let Countless Pedestrian Stop Onlookers... This Painting Called "Twist of Fate, by Italy Contemporary Well-Known Artists Millo Creation, takes 14 Days, as Asia's Highest Painted Wall

on University Avenue of this a Graffiti-Sycamore Tree Drop-down Violin Girl, also from Millo Hand, Gray Tone Look Also Unique Means...

So Giant wall Painting, light Is Control Painting Proportion Is Very Troublesome, but Also for on High-Rise for of diao bei che, difficulty Coefficient Called Ten Class! Ordinary Residential Buildings, in Millo Brush under, Immediately Become the Most Dazzling Works, let University Road Also More Vivid Dynamic!

01 Magic first Corgi Cafes/Hello Corgi Corgi/as Hushang First Coesite-Training Base for Theme of Coffee (Line) brown (Dog) Pavilion, Here Are Corgi, Law Bucket And Little Hamster! Up to the Time of 8 Corgi! Can One-Time Line And End! Think about Whether Hin Cool!

A Door, enthusiasm of Corgi Baby Will around You Spoiled Please Caress! Cute Little Eyes, Meng Meng Small Short, Pouting Small Pp, Let a Person Love Flooding, simply Move Not to Open Eyes! By Selling Meng-Dependent Corgi Are Super Cute Der! Whatever You Overrun by "Do Not Reject! Store Also Offers 6 Yuan/Bag of Dog Snacks, Bought You Is Dog Eye! In!! Light!

Store Drinks snacks Many Joined Corgi of Elements, color Value, Taste Both Online... Store Top1 of Dessert Is Corgi Dumpling, Glutinous Rice Balls, pinched Became Knobbly Brown Corgi Ass, Bite, Glutinous Rice Sweet Kong-Style Full of Oral, QQ Bouncing Taste Impressive!

Hello Corgi Corgi Pavilion (University road) address: Jinchuang Road 26 Powerise 66 Business Building 802 Room (near University Road) Business Hours: monday to Sunday 12:00-20:00 Per Capita: 62 Yuan 02 Make an Appointment to Long Winded to Xinjiang Fried Rice Noodles/Small Yoshihiro/Store Also Really Is Very wayward, store Hard to Find Also Calculate, Want Long Winded Powder, Actually Have to Advance in Public Number on Scheduled Caixing. But It but with Word of Mouth, Captured a Large Number of Loyal Fans, Proprietress Is Authentic Xinjiang People, made out of Taste Natural Is Also Very Xinjiang ~

Xinjiang Fried Rice Noodles, smooth And Chewy, Delicious to People Can Not Stop! Said Raw Ingredients Are Boss from Xinjiang Flown, Need Advanced 8 Hours to Get Ready so Can Only Advance Booking!

This Brasserie hand-Made Ice Cream, even Many Ingredients Are Imported, Ice Cream Flavors, Ingredients Can DIY Your Own Combinations, color Rich, Camera Special Fairy!

Perry Address: university Road 151-159 Business Hours: Monday 14:00-22:00 Tuesday to Sunday 11:00-22:00 Per Capita: 33 Yuan 04 Hidden Suction Cat Tea Shop/Daydream Milk Tea/Average Person Really Can't Find It, not Street Shops, Only Looked up to See the Sign... From Corridor Gate into, Turn Left Channel beyond Elevator, Don't Be Afraid, bold into Elevator According to Button Upper Floor .. Ha, like Really Do Daydreams, through to a Look Very Comfortable Small Shop

Shop Area Is Not large, but "Complete", You Name It! Small Balcony, Living Room, Bar, Small Dining Table...... A Door Also Saw Three Cats, Are Large Orange Cat, Cute Clingy And Playfully...

In-Store Specializes in Milk cover Tea, Smoothies, Fruit Tea, price in 20 Yuan, Cost-Effective Or Pretty Populist .. -Dream, Milk Tea Has Not Top Priority, Reading, Suction Cat, And Clerk Chat, time Flies!

Daydream Milk Tea Address: university Road 299 302 Room (Door Left Elevator) Business Hours: monday to Sunday 10:00-22:00 Per Capita: 19 Yuan 05 Meng Things Gathered Balls Camp/Balls Home jian kang zhu/Balls Home Tucked Away in pantrysbest 5 Floor, little Storefront, but You Could Tell Boss Spent Many Small Mind, for Overall Warm Cute Door Sofa Placed in the Ultra-Multi-Doll, Little Fairy See Immediately Go Self-Timer ~ Everywhere of Meng Things, And Mini Doll Machine, Mini Football, Interactive Game... In-Store Every Corner, And Childlike Cute Atmosphere!

but Also Some Time Ago burst Fire Shaved Ice Hot Pot, is Their Home! Each-Cloth Are Super Rich, Seize the Tail, Quickly Go Brush Wave!

Balls Home jian kang zhu (University Road) address: University Road No. 170 501 (pantrysbest Left Door into Right Elevator 5 Floor) Business Hours: monday to Sunday 10:00-21:00 Per Capita: 51 Yuan 06 from Mexico Flavor Enthusiasm/Togo Taco/Simple Picket Fence And Fence, and Mexican Flag Color Consistent Awning, in This No Shortage of Restaurant Contests of the Street, tago Home And Not Eye-Catching Role

Authentic Mexican dish, maintained Authentic American Standard, And Their Home Food All Oven Baking, Oil-Free Low-Salt, very Healthy Beef Taco And Chicken Taco Amount Really Is Enough, at Least Appetite Small And in the Weight Loss of Sister, almost And Drink Can Eat Eight Full...

Togo Taco (university Road) address: University Road 93-95 Business Hours: Monday to Thursday, Sunday 11:00-23:00 Friday, saturday 11:00-00:00 Per Capita: 71 Yuan Hundreds of Meters Long University Road, everywhere Food, Feel like All Punch Again, a Week Also Eat!


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