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Gubei Water Town Asmission Ticket (Simatai Great Wall)

Please book at least 3 days in advance. This product is a secondary confirmation product. The supplier will reconfirm within 24 hours of the payment success date to confirm availability. Once the payment is successful, you will need to wait for the merchant to confirm that you can travel.

Days :

1 days 0 nights

Adult :

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Child :

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Mostly the room style is twin room for two people. If you select the Booking option for odd number of person, the price may change a bit.

From $9


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Transport Info

This flight number is for the information only, there is a possibility of flight adjustment for low price discount tickets (including changes of air company, flight number and time), flight time is at local time, so the final confirmation of the ticket shall prevail.

Hotel Info

The following hotel information is for the reference only. During the high season, if hotel has no free rooms, company will provide other same quality hotel.

Expense description:

The price includes:

Gubei Water Town Scenic Area and Simatai Great Wall tour (one-day ticket, valid for one time on day of the entrance)

The price excludes:

Personal consume during the trip

Refund policy

this ticket can`t be refunded partially. If you want to refund the ticket, please apply for the refund one day before the tour when the admission ticket is not used. No refund is accepted after overdue.

Suggested trip

Gubei Water Town check-in time】:9:00-1430


Simatai Great Wall check-in time】:9:00 - 16:1016:30 closing time

Booking instructions】:

1. Beijing Gubei Water Town and Simatai Great Wall Scenic Areas accept only visitor`s real name for reservation and ticket purchase. Please use your valid passport for reservation.

2. Before arriving at the scenic spot, visitors should register in “Health Kit” program in WeChat and get their health code. Please take your passport with you.

3. During the tour, please protect yourself and others and wear the mask during the trip. Keep 1-meter distance at the check-in gate, restaurants and other crowded places. Don`t gather in a big groups, cooperate with the scenic area staff.

4. Visitors are responsible for the information provided by them. If you suddenly have fever, cough or other symptoms during the tour, please immediately inform staff of the scenic spot .

5. According to the epidemic prevention and control needs, scenic area control measures and open area might be adjusted. Current limiting measures may be implemented according to the scenic spot capacity. Please pay attention to the official announcements of the scenic spot and cooperate with staff arrangements.


【Reminder】: Visitors who have one reservation, please enter the park at the same time, don`t visit separately. Open areas of the Great Wall: the east first floor to the east tenth floor. 【Instructions for use of the electronic ticket】: 1、Gubei Water Town Scenic Spot opening time: 9:00-22:00,Gubei Water Town Scenic Spot check-in time: 9:00-14:30;Simatai Great Wall opening time: 9:00-17:00;Simatai Great Wall check-in time: 9:00-16:10. Please arrange your trip properly. 2、Simatai Great Wall open area: Bldg 1 - Bldg 10. 3、Check-in place: ticket gate of tourist service center and Simatai Great Wall ticket gate. 4、Simatai Great Wall entrance and exit have ticket checking points. Please keep your electronic QR-code. 5、The ticket is valid for one day for one time on day of the entrance. It can`t be reused. 6、If QR-code can`t be opened on the day of the tour, please contact scenic area staff.

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