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Tour in Jiangsu | Suzhou Tracing a City of Antique Beauty

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1. English-speaking local guide service.
2.Admission of Xuanmiao Temple

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FREE Cancellation 24 hrs before the experience, then non-refundable.


People say that Suzhou is a very beautiful city. Its beauty lies in “delicate bridges, quiet canals and antique houses", lies in classical gardens, lies in buildings with high walls and deep courtyard. At present, most of places where there are bridges, rivers and alleys have obtained great popularity on the internet, such as Pingjiang Road and Shantang Street. Even Tongde Li, an architectural complex built during the period of the Republic of China, which used to be little-known, has now become a famous scenic spot online, because it is one of the most important shooting locations in the hot Chinese TV series called All Good. It seems that no one has ever paid attention to those exquisite ancient houses near the bridge, by the riverside, or in the depth of alleys. This is indeed a regrettable and chilling thing! The ancient houses deeply engraved with the vicissitudes of life and the cultural connotation of ancient buildings contained in them, have been buried unkemptly in the dust of history and are drifting away from us. For the ancient city of Suzhou, it is too helpless and embarrassing to speak out.


This cultural tour will last about 2.5 hours. During the tour, guide will share with you the culture and history of Suzhou through the introduction of ancient buildings and alleys, which are both tangible histories. The introduction will help you understand the spiritual connotation of the distinguished families in ancient times and enjoy the life atmosphere of the ancient city. There are also some traditional delicacies and snacks of Suzhou in the route, so everyone can enjoy the special flavor of Suzhou. 

1. Visit Suzhou's top luxury housing estate built during the period of the Republic of China

2. Walk through the district that has been regarded as Suzhou’s CBD in all ages. Although it is already beyond recognition, the guidewill tell you about what happened here in the past and present.

3. Walk along the only remaining ancient alley in this district. There stands the former residence of a celebrated collector and industrialist whose life spanned from the Qing Dynasty to the period of the Republic of China.

4. Visit the former residence of the head of the four distinguished families of the Qing Dynasty in Suzhou. It has now been transformed into a museum with staves responsible for professional interpretation inside.

5. Walk along another ancient alley and pay a visit to the former residences of the official family and literary family hidden in the alley. Former residence fully embodies the inheritance of the humanistic spirit.

6. Eat the most tasteful vegetable buns or pan-fried pork buns of Suzhou (We have only 5% chance of eating the pan-fried pork buns, because there are usually quite a lot of customers waiting in line to buy it, and our tour time is limited). This will be at your own expense.

7. Go to a small private garden. It is a pity that part of the garden has already been destroyed, leaving only the residential part. The history of this residence can be traced back to the Yuan Dynasty (more than 740 years ago).

8. Savor the traditional sugar congee of Suzhou, which has already been rated as an intangible cultural heritage (It is not available every day, and we have 50% chance of eating it). This will be at your own expense too.

9 Walk along an ancient alley built in as early as the Jin Dynasty. If we come across residents drawing water from a well by chance, I can ask them to let you have a try. In the depth of the alley there is a palace built in the Northern Song Dynasty, which is the oldest ancient building in Suzhou. 


This is a lot of walking experience. Please pay attention to your physical condition and traffic safety during this activity. We will not be responsible for any accident during this activity.

The trip is mainly on foot. We will start our experience in Suzhou, the most prosperous and famous gathering place in ancient times, ancient alleys and streets,the culture and customs of Suzhou historical allusion, suzhou snacks

Important Notice

FREE Cancellation until 7 days before the tour, then non-refundable


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